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  1. Since I've acquired a nice collection of extras, returns, experimental, and personal rigs, I decided to add an "In Stock" section to my store. This is all new or lightly used gear, some with minor flaws noted, that will be discounted and available for immediate shipping.


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  2. with the 9/11 anniversary right around the corner I wanted to do some a little special just for the first responders and mil/LEO guys and gals.... from today through new year's day 2012 I am raising my mil/LEO discount to 20%.... info on how to obtain the discount code can be found at the link below....



  3. though I'd share a small portion of the leather I've worked up over the past few days....

    this is a reworked version of the old Customizable IWB's I used to offer.... this version has more refined lines, rough side out body, detailed molding on front, and a full wrap reinforcement band....

    pancake OWB slide for 1911....

    TX Comfort and Combo Carrier for M&P Fullsize 9/40....

    here's a couple pics of the TX Comfort with a pic showing the modified reinforcement band....

    DPS with body guard for Kahr PM9....

    DPS with body guard for Sig P226R....
  4. I'm looking for an IWB for my Kel Tec PF9. Is it something you are in the process of doing?
  5. I haven't been around in a few weeks and just saw this.... if you're still looking send me an email to josh@shopleatherworks.com....
  6. a couple more new rigs added:

    Cloak OWB
    Cloak OWB mag holder
    Eidolon OWB
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  7. 15% off everything "Pay the Taxman" sale until 4/15/2012. No coupon codes required. Please note that all active coupons will be disabled during this sale.
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  9. Has the TX Comfort been discontinued for a reason?

  10. it hasn't been completely discontinued.... small order windows are being opened every few months them.... while it's one of my most popular rigs, the amount of time it took to build one of them could be used to build 2-3 other rigs.... I was getting so many orders for them that it backlogged my other orders by several weeks over my stated delivery time.... this is also the reason the Comfort's have their own individual delivery time when ordered, unlike my other rigs....

    the good news for the these rigs is that I'll more than likely be bringing them back permanently within a few weeks....
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  11. Last few days before my 15% off sale ends....

    TX Comforts are also officially back.... please note that they have their own delivery time and are available for select gun models only....

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  13. P35


    I ordered a 9mm, OWB, kydex mag holder, 03/30/12, still waiting for it
  14. P35.... sorry for the holdup.... I had a couple friends pass away earlier this month and shut down all op's for a couple weeks so everything's been a bit screwed up this month....
  15. Of all of my holsters, your Minimum IWB is my favorite.
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  16. thanks!
  17. alright folks.... my new store has been launched and is up and running! a couple key new features:

    *no more popup windows when browsing between products and info pages....

    *simple layout should be straightforward and easy to navigate....

    *the most important new feature to me is that customers now have the ability to comment/review/rate individual products that they've used....

    now for the bad news.... my current merchant services provider is not compatible with the new store so I'm on the hunt again for another provider.... orders can still be placed, but payment for a while will be via Paypal only....

    also.... if you were a registered user in my old store, unfortunately, I wasn't able to import anyone's account details so all accounts will have to be recreated....

    hopefully the good outweighs the bad because this is the store layout I've been wanting for a couple of years now and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome....


    **please also feel free to review, comment, or rate any of my products if you've used them.
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  18. There doesn't seem to be a reverse-cant option for the Minimum OWB magazine carrier.


    Have you discontinued it?

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