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  1. We are officially open. I've got my customizable IWB holsters currently available and am working on an OWB and Hybrid (Leather & Kydex) models as well as adding more options to choose from.

    I'm working on adding a permanent discount for active military and LEO as well as a temporary discount for GT members.

    Please feel free to stop by and let me know what you think.



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  3. when i click click here i can go no further

  4. could you please be a bit more specific?
  5. southern_boy

    well if the pictures wasnt such a PITA to see id consider ordering a IWB for my G19...when u make a more simple web page and show pictures of your holsters in use il consider it. till then good luck to you.
  6. I'm sorry if the galleries were difficult for you to navigate. The consensus view I had received was that it my site was fairly easy to navigate.

    If you, or any others, have any problems in particular feel free to PM me and I can look into it.
  7. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist

    Josh and I have been talking via email about his line of holsters. I have taken a look at some of his holsters on line and I must admit this guy makes some kick ass holsters.

    I am going to order a Hybrid holster from him, I have looked at other companies that offer Hybrid holsters but they look like they are unfinished and rushed to get them out the door. I like to have the option of changing the holster body without having to buy a new holster.

    Like all the gear we use this will be put through the torture test before we will give it the Two thumbs up. I think Josh and I are going to have a great business relationship, if his holsters are as good in person as they are on his website I will highly recommend them to everyone.

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  8. I've redesigned my entire website to make it a bit easier to navigate.
  9. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist


    Thanks for the update on your changes to your website. Good job it looks great.

  10. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist

    Josh just added another holster to his line. It is called DPS duel position solution. It is an IWB & OWB holster in one. For people who want a high quality holster and don't want to spend the money for Two separate holsters this is the way to go.

    Don't end up like most of us that have a tub full of holsters and spent a lot of money and continue to search for just the right holster. Josh and I speak quite often about different ideas on holsters and the great thing about him is if it sounds like something the people would like he will most likely try to make it.

    I will be receiving one by the end of the week and we will abuse it like all the gear we try before we recommend it to anyone. I will post a review on our experience with this holster in the next few days.

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  11. A few quick updates:

    1. My new leather DPS holster is now available.

    2. I am working on kydex version of the DPS that should be ready in the next week or so.

    3. I am also working on leather and kydex OWB designs and pocket holsters that should be available soon.

    4. I've created a Facebook page for people to follow. That page will be updated on a regular basis. Click here to become a fan.

    Thanks for stopping by!
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  12. Looks difficult to actuate and prone to get snagged by the front sight, as well as requiring a longer/higher draw stroke the clear the holster/release. Does not appear to be anything keeping it in the "Up" or "Down" position. Seems like it would be prone to move when you don't want it to.

    Reason for not using a snap style thumb-break? Is it because too many people don't know how to holster a gun properly and thus are paranoid of a thumb-break strap getting into the trigger area and causing a ND?
  13. That is the exact reason.

    As for the rest, the old addage "don't knock it till you've tried it" comes to mind.

    I'm also curious.... What is the point of emailing me personally and then posting the same thing here 15 minutes later?
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  14. Here it might be seen by people that have tried it (other than you) who can comment on the design and give their personal non-bias opinion. I realize that is a long shot, since using the words IWB and thumb-break/thumb-release in the same sentence on GT usually requires the poster to put on a flame-suit first. It is a small minority that finds it useful/desirable.
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  15. Thank you for clarifying.

    This is also one of the reasons I offer two weeks to try them out and see if they'll work for you. I will gladly give a full refund, including return shipping, if it does not work out so you will only be out a bit of your time and not your money.
  16. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist

    Before anyone starts slamming me for coming to Josh's rescue he can take care of himself just fine.

    I agree the thumb break, snap, lock or rotating hood is not for everyone. We use certain models while doing perimeter work on a detail, other then that we do not use any retention devices on our holsters.

    The good thing about Josh is he is willing to push the envelope and try new designs, will they please everyone...hell no and he knows it. I know he is working on a couple of other designs as I write this. Will he ever make a traditional thumb break, I don't know that is his call.

    I like the fact that he gives you a trial period to try his holsters out, how many other leather or kydex companies offer this. I have been buying holsters for the past Thirty years from almost every holster company out there, some were great products and some were not. Unless you could point out a really bad flaw on some of these holsters they told you it is yours now.

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  17. I now have a kydex OWB available.

    I've also added a couple new models:

    1911 4.25in Commander
    S&W M&P 9/40 Full Size

    I've also taken down my hybrid design. I'm working on a full redesign that I'll hopefully have ready in the next few weeks.
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  18. i emailed about a holster for my glock 26 but i also carry a p2000sk and m&p9c....they'll need homes too :)
  19. I've got the M&P compacts and a H&K P2000 on my list of models to get. I'll try to get those and a few others, mainly 1911's, ordered in the next week or two.
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  20. cool,thanks....im sure it can go in the G26 rig in the meantime they seem to share holsters as they're pretty similar
  21. Alright folks.... In an effort to make my site as secure, and easy to order from, as possible I've recently created the Kolbeson Leatherworks online store. My website will now be used for information and photo galleries only. All ordering will be processed through the secure store.

    Creating this store has multiple benefits for me and the end user. Here's some of the main one's:

    1. It allows me to instantly implement sale discounts and coupon codes (including stamping and concho upgrades).
    2. It's easier for me to update than my website.
    3. All orders and info is now 100% secure
    4. I'm able to process Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, as well as PayPal payments (it was exclusively PayPal before).
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