Knock-Off Gen 4 19 Mag or New/Old Production? (pics)

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by us3, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Hi

    This mag was said to have been bought new at Turners 2 weeks ago. (it came new in the box) I noticed that it didn't look like the 8 other gen 4 19 mags I've purchased from various vendors.

    1. there's no notch in the center
    2. both the metal feed lips and feed notch are shaped differently
    3. the plastic mold lines are different

    Could this be a newer or older Gen 4 mag or possibly a knock off? I'm not sure if you can tell from the pics but in person you can see the mag is very different.

    I tried to search but didn't see this one on the Glock Mag Chart

    If anyone can tell for sure, please post





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  2. From the pictures all I can say for sure is it doesn't have the SF notch and does appear to be Glock OEM. SJ 40

  3. Yup. They're different. But, if they both work... NBD.
  4. SCC

    SCC Member Me

    it should say glock on the back of it and on the base plate
  5. Some of my G29 mags have feed lips like the ones on the right, and some have feed lips like those on the left. Glock informed me that the new style is the one on the left.
  6. Sure looks like a KCI
  7. Butch

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    Can you post pics of the back and bottom of the mag?

  8. Thanks for the replies guys!

    Yes it does, the only difference is what is stated

    This is the info I was looking for, looks like it's probably legit, thanks

    Can you elaborate as to why, it seems that others are calling it an OEM mag

    Thanks again guys, The seller did not have an explanation to the difference and siad he would take it back if I was not happy.

    I just want to make sure because this didn't match any other mag I've seen and I know there's knock-off being produced all the time.

  9. Butch

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    If that's the case I would guess that they redesigned a bit and finally eliminated the 'Ambi' notch.

  10. Great, thanks for the pics, here's back and bottom either way.

    My concern was the feed lips and notch and not seeing the front notch got me wondering. I thought that the slimmer feed notch was on the old mags and the wider one was on the new ones, maybe they went back to slimmer.

    Thanks again guys, looks like it's a new production Gen 4 mag.



  11. If it says Glock I don't know, knock off?

    I just ordered new mags and they have the SF metal area.
    Don't know why Glock would release an "updated" mag
    without it.

    EDIT: Never seen 10 round mags before, maybe that's why?
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  12. 10rd, I didn't think Glock made those :rofl:

    Have a great gun carryin' Kenpo day


  13. I've never saw one and don't know either, that's why I'm asking.

    Could be that they redesigned it as Butch stated, it looks legit other than the 3 things i stated.

    Thanks for all the replies either way guys

  14. Update

    I just received 2 more new Glock 19 mags and they don't have the Ambi notch but do have the wider feed notch. (like the left in the top pic and the right in the bottom pic)

    I'm not sure why a new design mag (no ambi notch) would have 2 different sheet metal liners. (both skinny and wide feed notches)

    I'm sure they will both shoot fine I just wanted to update that there seems to be 2 different feed notches on the new 10 round 19 mags.


  15. I got some 22 round Glock mags that looked just like those. I called Glock about them not having the Ambi notch in them and Glock said they eliminated the 'Ambi' notch on all new production Glock mags.
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  16. Glock has made 10 round mags since the AWB of 1994.
    They change styles of mags and finishes all the time.
    No one can keep track, not even Glock.
  17. Tree Rat

    Tree Rat CRB original

    Nice iteration of the designs over the years. Can you tell us what they are 1 through 8?

  18. BamaTrooper

    BamaTrooper Almost Done

    Yes it does, but it doesn't have the center slot for the ambi mag release. :wavey:
  19. :agree:

    My Gen4 G20 came with three of the "new style" magazines and when I ordered two more from Midway, they were the same.
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  20. That must be the new single stack 9mm everyone was begging for.................:tease:

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