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Knife Law in PA

Discussion in 'Pennsylvania Glockers Club' started by PittsburghFrank, May 12, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know the max blade length for a fixed blade knife in Pennsylvania? I'm considering a Gerber LMF II ASEK (4.84 blade length) for camping and hiking use and was wondering if it would be legal to carry.

  2. LittleRedToyota


    Mar 14, 2006
    there isn't any limit on blade length on the state level.

    (for practical purposes all there is to the state law is that you cannot carry an auto-opener like a switchblade and you cannot carry a "dagger"...dagger is not defined in the law, but the common definition requires at least that the blade is sharp on both sides--and, so, a dagger is designed specifically for stabbing as opposed to cutting.)

    however, unlike firearms laws, the state lesiglature has *not* preempted knife laws. so, counties, municipalities, etc. can make their own laws regarding carrying knives.

    i don't know of any that actually have, but i bet there are some.

    (i don't carry a fixed blade hiking/camping as i am happy with my folders, but i do have a few friends who carry fixed blades as long as the one you are talking about hiking and camping and, not at all suprisingly, have never had any issues.)