Knife for EMT?

Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by Dynamik1, Apr 9, 2013.

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  2. Benchmade Triage Knife

    Great blade

    Safety cutter(for seatbelts,etc,etc)

    Glass Breaker tip or handle?

    Its a BENCHMADE :)

    Orange Safety color just in case you set it down...cant miss it.

    [ame=""]Benchmade 915S Triage Orange Handle -[/ame]

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    i second the triage
  4. I carry a Spyderco and it has never failed me in 10+ years of service. Correct what all posted about not using it to cut clothes etc...
  5. I'm FD, not EMS. As mentioned earlier, what about a Leatherman tool? Especially the larger "Supertool" -- it has a bunch of tools on it, and is big and heavy duty enough to do things.

    At the firehouse and at incident scenes, most people know I always have a knife of one sort or another on me... and it seems like people are always asking to borrow it. I am surprised at how many fire/ems people don't carry knives. On the other hand, I see some people who get fancy, expensive knives / rescue knives and essentially refuse to use them because they "don't want to make it dull" or "damage the blade". The Leatherman and/or folding Buck knives I carry everyday are to be used.

  6. This. Benchmade is my favorite!!

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