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knife and gun CQC

Discussion in 'The Martial Arts Forum' started by sls-snake, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. sls-snake

    sls-snake Idontfeellikeit

    has anyone ever heard of This style of CQC its where you old a knife in your left hand and a gun in your right hand, (if your right handed that is) I saw it on the video game Metal Gear Solid 3, it is prety accuruat with everything else, guns, gear, that sort of stuff, and I saw a guy who helped make the game dimenstrating some of it, he was there millitary and weapons advisor, it sounds a little made up, but you never know, thanks for the help.
  2. I'm a big MGS3 fan too. There IS some real-life basis for that technique, but the only instance I've every heard of it in real life comes from some documentation from the early 80's. So I think it might be a little dated. Certainly, that would make the game somewhat accurate since it takes place in the 60s.

    I've tried it, but I found that my weapon handling would suffer unless the knife were really really small. Now I tend to use the Harries flashlight technique with the knife in reverse grip since I train with the flashlight that way too. I'm pretty sure I've seen Gabe Suarez integrate gun/knife into the Harries technique. It seems like it'd be useful for clearing extremely tight quarters.

  3. sls-snake

    sls-snake Idontfeellikeit

    I think it would work and feel pretty good with a Cold Steel Safekeeper 2 (or push dagger of any kind like that), never tried it though.
  4. sls-snake

    sls-snake Idontfeellikeit

    what kind of knives are those that Big Boss have in mgs3, the one on his ankle looks like a pilots survival knife but with a cut out in the blade, and the one he does the CQC with, the tanto, kind of looks like a strider, but smaller.

    p.s. sorry if I'm turning this into a video game/knife thread.