Discussion in 'Grand Canyon Glockers' started by scratchy wilson, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. scratchy wilson

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    What can you tell me about the place?

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  2. It's windy. Always.

  3. scratchy wilson

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    Ain't skeered!:supergrin:

    Gotta cost less than this place. Thinking about a transfer.
  4. Actually, I like Kingman. I have family there and often thought I would perhaps retire there. It's small town atmosphere without all the traffic and pollution of the valley. I think there are two Safeways, a Bashas and a Smiths. No malls, one movie theater. One bowling alley. A small JC Penneys and a small Sears. Oh, and of course, a Walmart!

    It gets hot but it's about 10-15° cooler than Phoenix and at least it still cools off at night whereas here, it can still be 100° at midnight. Perhaps a couple of snowfalls per winter. Nothing you have to deal with for more than a couple of days.

    You're only 15-20 minutes from the pines if you head up Walapai Mountain Road. 30-45 minutes from the lakes to the Northwest.

    Don't know what the cost of living is. There are quite a few lower income level people there. Walmart is a lesson in humility.

    Take a ride west. It's not too far from you.
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  5. Do you have no desire to live down here? Not that I'd blame you.

    Mel still has her house here correct?
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  6. scratchy wilson

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    Decided against it. Just not the right time, plus there wasn't anything compelling about the town that makes me want to move.

    Though we did get to spend the night at a seedy hotel.

  7. Cost of living would be less for sure. No extreme weather to deal with.

    But, you have beautiful scenery + lots of 'get away' places and that would appeal to me.

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