Kindle readers Out There In Glock Land?

Discussion in 'The Book Rack' started by Sluf01, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. Sluf01

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    Gotta tell ya on Amazon for the Kindle e-readers you can get Self Published Novels and Series to read (CHEAP). Lot of good writers out there. Been reading some Sci-Fi/Military Novels (Series) that's been pretty decent. Downloaded and read a few Clancy-isk Techno Thrillers. And of course the Govt screwing over Gun Owners conspiracies that today seem pretty current and very plausible .

    Most of the novels are much more interesting to read than watching some of the crap that's on TV these days.

    Would be interested if other readers found this out like I did.

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  3. I see it from the opposite side of the coin. My wife always wanted to be an author. She finally started writing about 18 months ago and quickly found a publisher to sign on with. She is now making good money.

    I think that e-readers have made it much easier for up and coming writers to make entry into the market. Did you know that "50 Shades of Gray" was originally released for free because nobody would publish it? It was downloaded enough that publishers noticed it's success and signed the author up.

  4. jason10mm

    jason10mm NRA-GOA-TSRA

    Dont forget publishers that don't play on amazons table but still support the format. Particularly Baen. VERY easy to get kindle formatted books from them and they have LOTS of freebies, particularly the first book in a series. Highly recommend the Honor Harrington series (Start with On Basilisk Station) and the monster hunter international stuff.

    Black Library puts out lots of Games Workshop Warhammer/40K stuff. A bit pricey for me, I guess the brits are used to higher prices, but still better than lugging around an actual book.

    As for the indie books, I find that with rare exception the skills and talent of an editor (or even proof reader) are sorely missed. The big publishers add more to a book than just marketing and store end cap space. Hopefully someone will start offering quality editing/proofing to the indie guys for a reasonable price. Heck, I wish the kindle allowed for user submitted proofing, I'd do it for free on the stuff I'm reading!
  5. I published Crime and Corruption in Texas in July and have sold the e-book novel through this forum.

    Readers do check out this site.
  6. Jason, there is actually a small industry of proof reading. Publishers and agents use what is called a "slush reader" to pre-screen books that are submitted.

    Guser, shameless plug that I'm going to check out. :supergrin:

    ETA: it's on my wish list till I balance my checkbook.
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  7. Breadman ... With what I spend on guns and ammo, I can't afford to pay an agent, so I gotta plug the book myself. :cool:
  8. I really enjoy the Kindle reader I received as a gift, and the new e-book genre.

    I like how I can download books written by authors who might not otherwise be able to get published, but who are writing entertaining tales.

    The editing errors can become rather distracting, though (meaning the lack thereof when it comes to editing in the budget e-books).
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  9. Also don't forget the classics! You can get a lot of the old classics that the copyright has expired on for free or very cheap. I'm reading the complete works of Mark Twain now.
  10. ChuckUles

    ChuckUles Señor Member

    For my money the Kindle Paperwhite with its built in light (not backlit) is fantastic. I read more because of it.
  11. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    I love Ebooks. I now have several thousand of them. While I have a kindle and a tablet I also read them on my phone and computer.

    If you like science fiction here is a bunch of free ones.
    Go to free books.

    Anyone who is serious about ebooks also needs a good program for managing them and converting the format for your different readers,

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