Kicking Tires On A 1911 Pistol... Thank God for Glocks

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by coleslaw, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Without being there I'm willing to give Yeager the benefit of the doubt regarding the video of the ambush he was involved in.

    On the other hand I do think he is exceptionally close minded for someone wanting to be regarded as a professional trainer. The professional part seems to be what he struggles with. Last time I tried to watch one of his videos it gave me a kidney stone.

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  2. There's nothing remotely professional about Yeager.

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    If they are good enough for Col Cooper....
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  6. Yeager vs 100+ years of real world combat testing.....hmm.....tough one.....I am gonna to have to go with history on this one.
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    I never really cared for the 1911. I have owned a couple and still have a Colt GC. I don't know why I didn't like them. Maybe because one was a lemon from the factory. Maybe because I was not raised on them. Maybe because I have spent more time with my Glocks and I have a hard time switching between the triggers and being accurate. At this point I am more accurate with my Glock, but if I put away the Glocks I could get pretty good with the 1911 again.

    Again, no offense to those who LOVE the 1911, I don't care for it.
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    What am I missing from this shot?
    It looks smooth. So it is not a kaboom. It is a cutaway.
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    You are better than this. We could find fanboys for HK, Sig, 1911s. But that is not an argument as to why one gun is better than the other.
  10. Perfectly fair. I feel the exact same about the Glock. The difference between you and me and the OP and Yeager is that we can not like a platform but still respect it as a viable choice. Others can not accept that if they don't like it (the 1911 in this case) then it must be a bad choice for all. As I said I have owned 2 Glocks (27 and 23) and did not care for them so they are gone. But the Glock is a world class firearm IMO.
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  12. Honestly as a new Glock owner I am surprised by the attitudes here in GT, I thought it'd be full of Gkocktards with the "if it ain't Glock it aint shiet" mentality. Y'all proved me wrong. Glock Talk rocks.

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  13. It gets that way sometimes in General Glocking, but General Firearms is totally different.
  14. General Firearms is farther away from the GT kitchen than the General Glocking forum so it drinks less of the Kool Aid :)
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    Just repeat after us - I'll never become a fanboy of one brand/design.
    It helps to keep your mind open.
    I have the Glock 21, but I like 1911 even more (own the SA Mil-Spec) and I also love the revolvers (S&W M10 especially). Fanboys are so boring...don't become one, please.
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    Can't believe y'all fed the troll for 5 pages. What a waste of bandwidth. For once, I'd love to see you guys show some restraints and let the troll starve to death with zero response, in these kinds of threads.:rofl:
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    It's my guess that in seventy years time there will be articles about kicking the tires of 100 year old Glocks and what to look out for and avoid when shopping for this vintage gun.

    It is unsurprising how 1911s seem to dominate the noble sport of practical shooting. Sports guns have evolved somewhat from "life preserve" guns, although there is still considerable overlap between the twain. Although the Indian is more important than the arrow, I would love to see a Glock kitted out to compete well with an SVI Open Division 1911. That said, on uniformed duty I have carried Glocks but not 1911s, and the comparison between the two gun platforms remains valid - both are basically sound and an excellent choice for self defense.
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    Sometimes the best thing to do is read the mall ninja publications and then do the opposite.... you know, practice often, use tried and combat proven designs and methods and learn to shoot well vs trying to assume expertese on second hand info.
    The internets and magazines said the external extractor Kimber 1911 was bad news, yet mine is coming up on it's first spring interval without ever an issue (3K rounds).
    What am I doing wrong?
  19. If that was the case there would be like 43 threads total in GT history :rofl:
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    Yeah, we could have a don't feed the troll thread where everyone tells each other not to feed the troll.:supergrin:

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