KENTUCKY: Gallatin County Sheriff shot.

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by South Fla, Sep 21, 2011.

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    The Sheriff of Gallatin County (KY), Josh Neale, was shot in the abdomen at approximately 10:30 PM on Tuesday night during a hostage situation after a domestic situation.

    The Sheriff was transported to University of Cincinnati Hospital by helicopter and he was alert and conscious and the injuries are listed as non-life-threatening.

    The gunman turned the gun on himself after shooting the Sheriff.

    Gallatin County is the home of the Kentucky Speedway and has Sprint Cup NASCAR and IZOD Indy Car races.

    Prayers for the Sheriff.

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  2. Why can't these knuckleheads just shoot themselves first...Prayers sent....

  3. Hack

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    My sentiments as well. Prayers for healing.
  4. wprebeck

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    Local news ( reports he was released from the hospital this morning (Wednesday) . If accurate, I would assume he took a round in the vest, since a .357 Magnum to the gut would required a bit more than an overnight stay.
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    Prayers sent.
  6. Josh is a stand up guy and one tough SOB, I've known him for about 10 years. He'll be back to work by monday at the latest. He took a richocet off of the drivers door of his Ford pick up truck. F the dead guy.
  7. Please pass on to the Sheriff our best wishes. And remind him to keep safe.
  8. Heard this on the radio on the way in this morning; glad he's doing okay!
  9. I will do that.

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