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  1. Hey all,

    I have been interested in picking up a Kel Tec PF9 for some time now, and I finally found, what I believe to be, a good deal online. I am meeting the gentlemen saturday afternoon to purchase it. The agreed upon selling price is $260 and I am told it is in like new condition. It has 5 rounds through it and is 2-3 months old. He told me that he bought it for his wife, but she didn't much care for it so he is trying to recoup some of his money on it. It's been sitting in it's factory box ever since she decided she didn't care for it.

    I called a gun shop to check the price of a new one that is in the area to make sure I wasn't overpaying for a used one and they are asking $399.99 for one which seemed a little steep, but I don't know the MSRP of one. This shop (Franklin Gun Shop in Franklin, TN) is known for overpricing their guns.

    Anyways, does $260 sound reasonable for a firearm in the condition I have described? I'm not overly familiar with KT weapons so I thought I would get on here and check with you guys who may know a whole lot more about it than I.

    Also, is the KT PF9 a good pistol to have as a CCW piece?

    Thanks all for any responses in advance.

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  2. CDNN has them listed for $229. You need to take into account shipping and transfer fees.

  3. I just bought 2 for $259 each in AR.
  4. They sell new around here (North GA) for 260.00ish. I'm certain this guy paid a lot more when they first came out but prices are down on similar Ruger and Taurus compacts also. I bought my LCP at the Military/LE rate and it's cheaper now than when I bought it.
  5. CDNN has them for $229 new. I think the local gun stores around here are usually $269-289.
  6. I don't want to sound too disparaging about the PF9, but some owners have experienced a number of problems with them. You may want to read what has been posted on the Kel-tec forums.
  7. Yeah, some of those reviews don't look overly promising.
  8. I paid $199 at my LGS for my lightly used PF9. I initially had some problems (FTE/FTF) but I sent it back to Keltec and they fixed it. It was 100% reliable after I got it back.

    I found it to be a great gun to carry. Small, Light, inexpensive and reliable. I prefer to shoot my G19 and G26 though since recoil on the PF9 is rather sharp.
  9. I bought one last week, a parkerized one with a grey frame for $255 + tax. I put 70 or 80 rounds through it today without a single hitch. It's not a super easy to shoot pistol considering it's size and weight, but it's easy to conceal and has gone bang every time for me so far.

    If you do ever have issues with it, Kel Tecs customer service is the best. They are very willing to send out free parts or even pay to send your gun in for a checkup should it not function right.
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    The PF9 goes for around $289 to slightly over $300, depending on finish, in the LGS here in TN.

    I would say $260 is a fair price if it is truly just like new, but I think you should be able to get a brand new one for just a few bucks more so it's a fair deal, but the guy is likely trying to get out of it all of what he put into it, so in that regard, the deal could be better, for a KT.
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    I bought mine from CDNN when they had the brown ones for $199. After shipping and transfer fee it was right around $235.

    Mine has been problem free for over 300 rounds. I carry it quite a bit in the summer.
  12. I have a P-11 and have had it several years ..I have never had one issue with it. It stays in the truck, I have put about 600 rounds through it. Last year I picked up a PF-9 and I sold it for a Ruger LC9. Before I sold it I only put two mags through it, with no problems.
  13. I picked one up at an LGS last summer brand new for $249. I’ve got about 500 trouble free rounds thru it. People have problems with every gun manufactured. It happens with all manufactures. You only hear about the ones that have problems, and not the untold thousands with trouble free guns. It’s got a kick to it, but then again, it’s not a range gun. My other half put one mag thru it just to try it, and she had enough. Loves her .357 tho, but it’s bigger and more comfortable to shoot. I own two Kel-Tec guns, the PF9 and the Sub 2000, and I’d buy another Kel-Tec. Innovative designs and very reasonable price.
  14. That's just a bit high but not crazy. However for that money I would not buy a PF9. This is coming from a man that has owned 2 of them. Long story short is they are a decent gun that I would ALMOST trust my life to, and almost doesn't cut it. I got rid of both of mine. In that price range save a little money up and get you a bêtter quality gun like a Ruger LC9. I have one of those and love it. It is not a ton more money and is a much better CCW. I know all this first hand. You get what you pay for and a Rugeris a little more $ for an infinite amount of peace of mind!
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    That price is a little high. If you are a beginning shooter or a limp wrister, the Kel Tec is not for you.
  16. That is high, especially for a used one.
  17. Should be able to find one local for $250ish. I carry a PF9 every day. It's been 100%.

    There were some big problems with the early ones.
  18. I currently own several Kel Tec guns and have for years. I don't understand all the bashing on them constantly. I've never had any problems with mine, zero. They're fine guns and don't hesitate to buy one, too many people on here think you have to spend $500 on a concealed carry gun, boloney. I have put several hundred rounds through my pf9 and carry it constant. It is my go to gun and will do the job if I do mine.
  19. I can also recommend the PF-9. I've had 2. The first one (blued slide) I bought right when they came out for ~$350. I carried it for a while and got a bug up my butt and traded it in. About a year ago I got seller's remorse and decided I was going to find another. I picked up a parkerized model for $279 brand new. I carry it in a C-Tac in the summer and it disappears underneath a T-shirt.

    While I never had problems with either of them, I have read the forums and understand that some have, however Kel-Tec seems to be good at fixing things.

    Edit: The only 2 things I don't like: Recoil (makes my hand raw after about 50 rounds); and the trigger has a strange double click reset thing. The first click when you let the trigger out prevents you from pulling the trigger back, you have to let it all the way out for the second click so you can fire again. It's not something I would sell the gun for, but something that's a little odd for me...
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