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Discussion in 'Kahr Club' started by AZ Traveler, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. JimC, Got it. Thanks

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  2. rgbar


    I'm new to forums but I need to know how/where I should report the SN and range report of my recenly purchased PM9. Should I report it here as a reply to this thread? If not where?


  3. rgbar.
    Just post your replay with your number and your born on date (if you know it). Post purchase Date if you don't know your born on date. The born on date was on the envelope that contained the shell casings required by some states. I don't know if this is still done, it has been years since I purchased a NIB handgun. The born on date is the manufactured date. Purchase date is less accurate then the born on date. For example; My first Kahr was made in Jan 2001, and purchased NIB in October 2005.

    I hope this helps.
  4. rgbar

    Thanks. Here is the info:
    Kahr PM9 with black slide
    SN IC54xx
    Purchased July, 2011
    No "born on" date available (no shell casings came with the gun) but I talked with Kahr who told me that at the rate the PM9 is being sold, a new PM9 will assuredly have been manufactured within the 6-8 months prior to the sale date.
  5. Thanks for the Info rgbar.
  6. Just picked up a P9 today with SN-ED32xx. Not sure of production date but box serial numbers match and I found a NY State Police registration form with the paperwork from 2008. It has new style sight cuts.
  7. Got it Recondoc. Glad you don't need those "registration" forms.:cool:
  8. PM9 9093A. SER. IC95** DOB: UNK. Purchased 9/30/2011
  9. Got is Slick Slidestop.:cool:
  10. Kahr CM9 NIB
    S/N IN6796
    Purchased 9/28/2011 from Cheaper Than Dirt !
    No Shell Casing Included
  11. Got it, but please do not post full S/N's. First 4 digits is good.
  12. Hi AZ Travler, just one more recent PM9 purchase for the records;
    PM9094A, Diamond Black Slide, S/N IC95XX, date of purchase, 7/2011.
  13. rgbar

    Is there a section for the P380?
  14. Beemerdave - Got you covered.

    rgbar - P380's are in the 9 mm section as they are a type of 9 mm, 380 is also known as 9 mm Kurz, 9 mm Browning, etc.

    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.380_ACP
  15. MBFD

    ID22xx - PM9 - Aug 2011
  16. Got it, MBFD. Thanks
  17. PM9 serial IC00XX June 2010
  18. Got it Bolling.
    Thanks :cool:
  19. I just bought DF66XX. K40. No shell casing. Brand new in the box. Has it really been sitting on a dealers shelf for years?

    The Kahr Arms Worcester, MA is stamped as is the serial number. No dot Matrix. I wonder if thats a way to help date them?

    K40-DF66XX-no shell casing-01/15/2012
    #39 Sgt127, Jan 26, 2012
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  20. Sgt127 - My first Kahr - a K40 Covert was 4 years old when I purchased it NIB in 2005. So yes it maybe 8 to 12 years old before you purchased it, based on where it falls on the list.

    Steel Frame Kahrs are very fine firearms, they just are not popular as the Polymer Frame Kahrs.

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