Kahr MK9 Elite 2003

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by cal45, May 19, 2012.

  1. Went to the Gun Show today to look for a Kahr CM9 but when I ran across a new MK9 Elite 2003 model, I couldn't resist. Heavier, I know, but I plan to carry IWB and not pocket so it is not much of a concern.


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  2. Nice! How much?

  3. Congrats! :cool:

    I love the steel Kahrs.
  4. $595 before tax & check

    I'm a regular customer and he gave me the same price for a new PM9, so I chose the MK Elite version.
  5. Yeah that sounds like a great price!!! I would love to get my hands on a steel Khar but I can't find any around here and I'm sure they would be well over $700 if I could. PM9s cost mid $600s around here.
  6. Cole125

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    Congrats, very nice! :cool:

    It'll be a nicer shooter than the polymer 9 for sure.

    Kahr makes some of the best carry guns on the market, IMO.
  7. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    Congrats, the MK9 is outstanding!

  8. barth

    barth six barrels

    I paid $820 for my MK40 Elite with NS.
    That sounds like you got a good price on a great gun.
    They are small enough for pocket carry but really too heavy
    for an extended period. On a belt though its super.
    I may have to pull mine out and do some shooting - LOL.
    BTW I added a Hogue Handall Jr sleeve and the grip swell really
    fills the hand well.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  9. I saw that - I just now ordered a set of the wood grips as they are a tad thicker but will not matter much for IWB carry, plus won't be as 'slippery' if there is some sweat on the grip.

  10. MK9 Elite Perfection.

  11. Just received my wood grips this morning. Had to do a bit of dremel work to get them to fit but they really do provide a better grip for me.

  12. Nice. I've got a PM9 myself, but I guess those steel guns are almost as good as the plastic ones :)
  13. Man, you missed out aim had police trade k9s for 420 a few weeks ago.


    595 is a great price for an elite! I have a k9 elite and like it very much. Congrats!
  14. Good choice, This is the Mk9 elite i just pulled out of my pocket, dont mind the lint. [​IMG]
  15. The smooth wood grips are definitely a better choice for pocket carrying one of these. Looks new
  16. AWGD8

    AWGD8 Sr. Glocker29SF

    I am also in the market for MK40 elite 2003. I shot Glock 27 and Ruger LCR 357, i am just wondering if the recoil from the MK40 is the same as the Glock27 or LCR 357 ?
  17. nice, have you fired it ?
  18. barth

    barth six barrels

    Recoil is subjective and opinions vary.
    I have an MK40 Elite and a Glock 27.
    For me I find the MK40 to have lighter recoil and is easier to shoot.
    The Kahr seems smaller, but heavier, than the Glock.
    And even though the Glock has a low bore axis.
    I think the Kahr is even lower.
    The RSA on the Kahr is a beast too.
    And maybe that has something to do with it.

    The all stainless Kahr is sweet in 40.
    Get a Hogue Hand all Jr grip sleeve and enjoy.
  19. Travclem

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    I picked up an MK40E03 at a pawn shop in brand new condition for dirt cheap. I really like the little gun and the craftsmanship is outstanding for a production gun.


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  20. Travclem

    Travclem Badass Member
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    My smooth grpis from Kahr took fitting too:steamed: I ended up liking the slimmer factory grips better, even though they're not as pretty, so I put them back on.

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