Kahr CM9 - I hate myself

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by ArmedMikeL, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Well I was at the local grocery store and stopped to look at gun magazines.

    I read a writeup on the Kahr CM9.

    Now I have a fever and want one. I hate myself.

    Can anyone tell me about this pistol?

    Anyone wish to report on it?

    Thank you for your therapy.

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  3. DJ Niner


    Take a couple of aspirins and lay down until the feeling passes.

    You're welcome. :supergrin:

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  4. DJ Niner


    Okay, more info.

    A buddy had to have one. Heard about it for months. Finally got it. Greatest thing since sliced bread. Blah, Blah, blah.

    6 months later, sold it at a huge loss. Didn't care for the shooting characteristics, wasn't as accurate as gun X/Y/Z, didn't hold enough shots.

  5. ok I think I took a anxiety pill. I still feel like buying one.
  6. I think it's the best of the new pocket 9's.

  7. Understand. What other pocket 9mm are out there?
  8. Yea, its an awesome gun.

    Small enough to easily pocket carry, but big enough to be able to actually shoot.
  9. All the goodness of the PM9 at $400 is hard to beat. A buddy just got a CM and he loves it as much as I've loved all my Kahrs.
  10. gruntmedik

    gruntmedik Honk Honk

    I'm keeping mine.
  11. I have had one for a month. I dont have anything bad to say about it. All I have shot through it are cast hand loads and it has been perfect.
  12. I have a PM9 with night sights. I love it. It does take some getting used to though. The trigger pull is long but smooth. I'm more used to a Glock trigger but if you practice you can get good with it. It's hard to pocket carry in most pants but it goes good in a coat pocket. The reason I bought it is because it is so small and it is still 9mm. I carry AIWB and you can't even tell it's there with just a t-shirt. It's something you can carry everyday no matter what.
  13. Too many. Kimber solo. Sig P938. Sig P239.(technically not pocket pistols, but sub compacts). Rohrbaugh. Kel Tec PF9. Ruger LC9. Springfield EMP. Smith Wesson CS9.
  14. I read the article about the cm40 and they had a little section about the cm9 and yep, now I want one too
  15. I think the PM9 is one of the best small 9's out there (and it's about the smallest to boot). It shoots surprisingly well considering its size and weight.

    The CM9 should be similar but I don't have any experience with it.
  16. :rofl:

    That never works for me. :embarassed:
  17. Obviuosly.

    You'd be the last person to ask advise on how "NOT" to buy a gun!!!

  18. I love mine. I've had it about 8 months and put about 700 rounds through it. It fits very easy in most of my pockets without any major printing.

    I had one FTF but that was my fault. I didn't have the magazine seeded all the way. Other than that, flawless. I've never been one to carry two firearms but with the CM9 as my BUG it makes it very easy
  19. Two words, beretta nano.

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