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Just When You Think You've Seen It All......

Discussion in 'Moto Club' started by WERA49, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. fabricator

    fabricator Got Biodiesel?

    Aug 28, 2003
    Grand Haven, MI
    I wonder if they have brakes on the tow dollie wheels? If not I would imagine a panic stop would be quite hair raising.

  2. chevrofreak

    chevrofreak Senior Member

    Dec 27, 2001
    Billings, Montana
    That thing is damned cool. :)
  3. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Oct 11, 2003
    SW Virginia
    I know Honda's have the durability reputation going for them, but how long do you think a standard Gold Wing motor and tranny can handle that sort of load?
  4. Eyespy

    Eyespy Proud Infidel

    Sep 2, 2004
    Southern California
    "Even an ounce of difference on either side, and the bike won't stay upright" ;Q

    Otherwise, that was pretty interesting. It seems the track width of the tow-rig is too wide to be practical in a variety of conceivable circumstances, though.
  5. And forget doing a recovery from a ditch. Still for light jobs, a good solution.