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  1. OUT COmes the D 50.wow i really can live with this .even has a 2 inch monitor (allthough it retains the pixel count of the smaller one).i also would need to get the D-70s over the D 70 for that very reason.but now im hearing about a D-200.hmmmm .you know the fuji S3 pro REALLY LOOKS GOOD BUT THEY AREA BIT MORE THAN I WANT TO SPEND.(The little lady that is.id save up and get one but she makes me feel responsible.i mean we are doing a complete renovation on our house.going on the second year,hope to be done soon so we can buy a few toys!btw i must stay nikon for lens reasons as in i have too much invested to rebuy lenses.rather put that tword camera.

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  2. The D200 is most likely up to 6 months away. If I had to get one, I would get either the D70 or the D70s. I haven't looked into the D50 much though. I am waiting on the D200 myself.


  3. THE D50 and D 70s have the 2 inch lcd wheras the D70 has the smaller 1.8 screen so that rules that out.the D50 is only missing a bracketing feature which can still be found under the menu.in all the years ive never use auto bracketing anyhow.no i think the fuji pro 3 is the leading choice.
  4. You may already know this but one big plus or minus of the D50 (depending) is the use of SD cards. Buy another,more advanced Nikon digicam later on and you'll have to switch to CF cards.
  5. Everybody appears to be going to SD cards in new cameras except for Fuji and Olympus who seem to have embraced the overpriced xD card. I think Nikon will drop CF cards in the future. SD cards are fast, small, and inexpensive.
  6. I don't know about Nikon's future moves but IMHO they are THE best at trying to non-obsolesce your equipment, and cards can be a big investment depending on capacity (ever price those 2+ Gig cards?).
  7. Size - SD cards are quite a bit smaller. In other respects (capacity, speed and price), CF and SD are similar. However, more development time is being put into SD cards now, so expect them to outgrow CF in the future.
  8. I certainly wouldn't buy a camera based on what kind of memory card it uses. That'd make about as much sense as buying a car based on what tires the factory put on it. I would hope there are features that swayed you to buy a given camera other than storage medium.

    My sister-in-law asked what kind of memory cards my camera bodies use (Canon 1Ds mkII's) and I told her that although there are two slots in the camera allowing for either CF or SD, I only use the CF slot. She replied "oh, that's too bad, everyone is switching to SD". Oddly, among my peers who shoot for a living, I don't know a single person using SD cards and it certainly isn't because they can't afford it or aren't abreast of where the industry is going.

    I carry 12 2GB Lexar CF cards in my camara bag. They take up less space than a single 35mm film box would and they function flawlessly. There are people using 8GB cards but that's a few too many eggs in one basket if something were to go wrong....a bit like an 800 exposure roll of film in the old days.
  9. are still only using cf cards......they allready have invested in CF cards dahh!regardless of the cost or how much money one has if i have 10-12 mega gig cards im gonna use them.im not gonna throw them out.right now the sd seems to just be a bit smaller.not enough diff. to dump a bunch of cfs.
    i agree a memory storage cars is not a very valid reason to rule in or out a dig cam .their are too many much more important reasons.btw who said that anyhow?i think it was an answer to your own question!!!;z

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