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Just Too Easy

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Mrs Glockrunner, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. robin303

    robin303 Helicopter Nut

    Sep 27, 2009
    Austin, TX

  2. samuse


    Jul 30, 2008
    South TX

    A few years ago I was replacing the tachometer sending unit on my '85 Peterbilt. It has two small wires with eyelets attached with two very small nuts.

    I grabbed a little wrench and the nuts, slid under the truck on a creeper, put the wires on and couldn't find the nuts. I was getting irritated because I just had 'em, and now they're lost.

    It was when I opened my mouth to let some cuss words fly... That I realized they were...

    In my mouth.
  3. DustyJacket

    DustyJacket Directiv 10-289

    Oct 16, 2008
    Missouri, East of KC
    So, you were sucking your little nuts? :wow:
  4. SCmasterblaster

    SCmasterblaster Millennium Member

    Sep 24, 1999
    Hartford, Vermont
    No, just chewing on them!