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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Kentguy, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. I was just re-doing some of my notes and came up with this little velocity comparison of factory vs my 9mm, 124g XTP HP loads tested out of my G19 w/4.01" barrel & G26 w/3.42" barrel;

    Hornady Factory "custom" Ammo;
    G19- 1,134.2 fps G26- 1,059.2 fps loss of 75 fps

    My reloads;
    AutoComp G19- 1.030.6 fps G26- 966 fps loss of 64.6 fps
    Hodgdon HS6 G19- 1,016.6 fps G26- 987.4 loss of 29.2 fps
    Power Pistol G19- 986.2 fps G26- 963.8 fps loss of 22.4 fps
    H. Universal G19- 1,164.3 fps G26- 1,139.2 fps loss of 25.1 fps

    I don't run my HP loads to the max or over, I achieve much better accuracy with a reduced load, but it is interesting (to me anyway) just how much velocity is lost moving from one pistol to the next.

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  3. Berto

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    That's a nice thing about 9x19...it's efficient from short barrels since it uses a small case and higher pressure.

  4. SCmasterblaster

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    I use APP in my 9mms.
  5. Interesting Kentguy ! After my major Oooops in the "Large Bore Rifles", I have a new interest in these numbers.Thanks!:wavey:
  6. Kentguy, have you done any comparison with the 147gr?

    Interesting info thanks

  7. rustytxrx..."have you done any comparison with the 147gr?"

    No I haven't, I have never been a "heavy for caliber" kinda guy no matter what I am shooting. For 9mm I have run quite a bit with 115g vs 124g but never through the 147g in the mix.

    I know some folks swear by that weight bullet, i'm just not one of them. I have shot the 147g (factory loads) but my Glocks just don't seem to like that weight - I swear sometimes they have a mind of their own. :whistling:
  8. Just for giggles here is some velocity numbers from my 115g FMJ RN vs 124g FMJ RN load tests for my "target" load ammo. I always start with Factory loads to have a comparison or base line to refer to. The test gun is my Glock G17 w/4.49" barrel;

    Federal Factory Ammunition
    115g RN FMJ
    Velocity - Box listed @ 1,160 fps.
    OAL - 1.150"
    Federal "American Eagle" Factory Ammunition
    124g RN FMJ
    Velocity - Box listed @ 1,150 fps
    OAL - 1.150"

    115g FMJ/HS6 - 1,060.2 fps
    124g FMJ/HS6 - 1,121.4
    115g FMJ/H.Universal - 1,149 fps
    124g FMJ/H.Universal - 1,154.2 fps
    115g FMJ/W231 - 1,059.2 fps
    124g FMJ/W231 - 1,075.4
    115g FMJ/WSF - 1,118.7 fps
    124g FMJ/WSF - 1,064.2

    According to my notes after this point I gave up on the 115g bullets and loaded 124g exclusively, mostly because of my results but partially because of economics. Although the velocity numbers seem to look good, from time to time I have had failure to eject out of my G17. I have never had this problem with any of my 124g loads, factory or otherwise. :dunno:

    Here are some other powders I have tested;
    124g FMJ/Bullseye - 1,000.6 fps
    124g FMJ/Autocomp - 1,104.2 fps
    124g FMJ/Power Pistol - 1,201.6 fps
    124g FMJ/Accurate #5 - 1,040.6 fps

    All of these loads run great out of my G17 and as you can see I do not push the max limit by any stretch of the imagination, but these are all very accurate out to 25 yards. Although I try to achieve a certain velocity, accuracy always trumps that every time.

    Like I said this is what I play around with, I hope you enjoyed it.
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  9. SCmasterblaster

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    Go for it!!!!! :supergrin::supergrin::supergrin:

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