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Just ordered Glock 32 Gen3 BUT, I have a question. . .

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by SickShot, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. My LGS orders direct from Smyrna, how long will it take to for me to get my gun????????
  2. redbaron007

    redbaron007 Some Dude Lifetime Member

    Jan 26, 2009
    Depending on the backlog and where your LGS ranks in the hierarchy of getting guns from them, anywhere from a week to a couple of months. Way too many variables to predict.

    I will say CONGRATS on a fine pistola! I love mine! :supergrin:



  3. Thanks for the link, ugh! Maybe my saving grace is that the G32 is not very popular. . .
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2013