Just installed Talon Rubber Grips on 23 & 26

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by hsprincipal, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. Ordered Talon rubber grips on Sunday night and they came in today. A little minor trimming for the larger gen 4 mag release, some gentle adjusting, a heat up with the hair dryer and my new 23 and 26 are good to go. I now have Talons on five handguns. My favorite grip of all time. :cool:

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  3. I'm a big fan of the rubber ones as well.

  4. Ordered talons for my 17, 21,22 and M&P 40 today. Also ordered the Houge Tamer for my S&W New Bodyguard. I guess I'm into accessories at the moment. Had a whole list of sights, mag extensions, etc on my Christmas list.

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  5. I ordered Talons about 3 weeks ago, and got no reply or confirmation on my order. Heard they were in some kind of "situation" and not taking orders. Apparently that has changed due to the fact that you got a couple of sets.
  6. I have ordered from them several times. I have rubber talons on 5 guns now. Usually receive them in 4-5 days. Today I ordered 4 more sets and got a confirmation email upon placing the order and two hours later received a shipping confirmation. I have had no issues ordering from them and have received my orders in a timely manner. They do ship via USPS.
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  7. I've ordered from them before with no problems. Guess I'll give them another try...thanks!
  8. gunsmoke92

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    I've used Talon grips on a number of my Glocks, but always the granulate ones. I love them because they don't add any size to the grip. I've never tried the rubber versions because I didn't want to increase grip size. Right now I have a Gen 4, and the grip size, without any back straps installed, provides the best feel I have ever had in a Glock, so increasing grip size isn't in the equation. If the size difference is negligible, I might be inclined to give them a try.
  9. Talon Rubber Grips will not, noticeably, increase the grip size.
  10. The Faux King

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    Got any pictures of those grips on the 26? Been debating buying some for my 26....
  11. Joshhtn

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    Best grips on the market, in my opinion.

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