Just found US made 30round mags for sale online!

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Zeebra724, Jan 25, 2013.

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  2. I have a couple of these mags and they work fine in my Yugo...


  3. Wow. 6 mo.s ago Crapco mags were $5 and dealers still couldn't move any...
  4. I hate how anyone who has these in stock has the prices jacked up. If I am going to spend 20-30 on a mag I might as well spring for a US palm mag.
  5. Got em last week...they work great in my MAK90...had to swap them in and out about 5-7 times until the polymer wore off where it needed to..no wobbling at all (like the Chinese metal one did)...main reason for purchasing them was to be 922r compliant--like anyone is going to check!

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  6. I think I'll hold out until the panic ends and then buy some more steel ones.
  7. Not sure why so many folks do not like Tapco, I have a few 30 and a couple of 20's. Never had a problem with them. Just as reliable as my steel mags, and lighter also. I am sure you could break 1 if you tried hard enough, but they seem durable to me. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I do not think they deserve to be called crap though.
  8. Same here,have over 15 ak47 tapco mags and 16 tapco ak74 mags and never had any problems out of them.Id buy more in a heartbeat. works for me :dunno:
  9. HWI


    Tapcos feed fine, the problem comes when you take them off a square range and start running classes, drills, etc. with them. You will quickly find them to be not durable enough for such use. My first carbine class I sheered the rear lug off the mag when dropping to prone, after that I started replacing all my mags with Circle 10s. Worth the cost to me to have the utmost durability in a mag.
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  10. Yes, everyone that has tried the circle 10's seem to love them. When things calm down a little I am going to have to try 1. I hope prices and inventory gets better in a few months. Really, I have plenty of mags and ammo, but you can never have too much lol.
  11. barth

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    +1 on Circle 10.
    But the prices seem to have doubled, and then tripled, as of late.
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  12. Have you even been able to find any US Palms lately?
  13. I am not much of a TAPCO fan (except for the G2 triggers), but they are the ONLY source of 20 round mags for AK 74s. I have always liked 20s since my time in the military. Even though we were issued 30 rounders, I carried an M14 magpouch with 4 20 rounders in them.
  14. I dont mind them for range fun. they fit more "loosely" than stock mags but mine were also only $13 a mag compared to $40(ive got a AK74) and since im not EOTW prepping or going into any heavy combat I use the Tapcos often at the range even though they have some side to side slop/wiggle...they also WORK(meaning FEED 100%). And I still have the 3 factory mags that also work 100% just in case I need...factory/stock ruggedness.
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    The latest generation Tapco are MUCH better than the first ones. I have used and abused the 30rds mags (orange) and so far not a single FTF or function. Paid around $20 a piece for mine and got 20 from a local deale that did not have the silly Midway 2 per customer policy. Did not have good luck with ProMags and Master Molder in the AK platrform.

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