Just bought my Rock River Arms AR today

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by zukyota, Jan 30, 2010.

  1. I bought A RRA LAR-15 with fixed carry handle, 1 30 rnd mag for $ 871.00 out the door. Wsa this A good deal. I'm still satisfied if it wasnt that great. A very nice rifle. Any comments ?

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  2. low octane

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    I'd say ya did ok! Six months ago it'd been a steal...

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  3. Not a bad price and Rock River makes nice rifles! Good choice. Enjoy it and stay safe.
  4. I forgot to add, It has the two stage trigger & 6 pos stock. Now I have A question. What is A good scope to mount on top of the handle ? Any advice and pics are appreciated.
  5. Nice EBR... :) Seems like a decent/fair deal... I'd not be mad about that atall...

    I'm not big on the Carry handle (fxed or not) as I usually run optics and I'm not big on an optic on the carry handle... Expensive, but I think the only thing I'd put on a carry handle is maybe an ACOG....

    I have a nice YHM complete lowwer that I want to pick up a RRA 20" Varmint Upper/Barrel setup for...

    I've always had decent luck with RRAs...
  6. I love shooting with peep sights so I have guns with fixed sights. That said, the fixed carry handle on an AR gun makes it a little more complicated to put optics on. One is higher over the bore than with the M4 upper. The M4 upper would have been the way to go if you wanted to mount scope or optics.
  7. I paid about $100 more for mine (Entry Tactical model - $1,075 list). My first add-on will be the EOTech HoloSight.
  8. That is a decent price for a quality weapon.:thumbsup:
  9. :needspics:
  10. Pics and make sure your BCG is properly staked.
  11. Those Eotechs are a tad expensive, but I really do love mine...

    Everyone thats tried it out has really liked it too...

    I'd like to try the magnifier out...
  12. New computer & new cell phone are hindering pics post. I'm trying to figure this out, as soon as I do I'll post pics. I hate to sound stupid but what is the BCG and how do you know if it is or isnt staked properly ? What to do if it isnt ? Thanks for the help. If I get flamed I guess I deserve it.:supergrin:
  13. Good choice, I love my Rock River.
  14. Thanks for the info. Now I need to ask another question, remember I'm new to the AR scene, so please be gentle. My AR didnt come with A manual so I dont even know how to pull the BCG out . Can someone tell/show me this info thru pics, links, etc ? I'm gonna learn all I can about these guns so I can be as safe as possible when using them. Also, can I order A manual for this gun ? Again thanks for all input.
  15. you have to remove the pins to seperate the upper from the lower. it will then slide out

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