Just bought my first real 1911

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by HKUSP9SD, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. So after a lot of researching, I went and put a Ruger SR1911 on layaway! I should have her in my hands within a week or two :)

    Hopefully I picked well. I have heard a bunch of praise for these 1911's so Im very excited. Plus it is a beautiful pistol lol. Oh and the fact that it feels so good in my hand. Can't wait to shoot her.

    Any tips from the pro's out there would be much appreciated. I'm a total 1911 newbie lol.

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  3. Steel Head

    Steel Head Tactical Cat

    A week or two wait:faint::shocked::dunno:

  4. I bought a Ruger when they first came out. I've shot it three or four times and haven't had a bit of trouble. Most reviews have been great. I did read something about keeping them lubed up nicely.

    Congrats and enjoy!
  5. I only had a little over half to put down, but since I know they are in demand, I put in on layaway. I have a good job, but not that good paying of a job lol. Hopefully I can grab it next paycheck.
  6. That will give you time to read up on galling and lube. Plus more time to be excited with anticipation.:cool:

    ETA: You may as well start saving soon for the next one! Because that is how it appears to work!
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  7. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    That's exactly how it works. Trust me. :cool:

  8. Just this week, I saw, and had in my hand the first Ruger 1911, I've seen besides in pictures. It wasn't for sale, and the owner, who had a few, claimed it was the best shooting 1911 he had fired. By the way, the closest in price of the others, probably, started at twice the price! I think you will be happy.
  9. So I was hoping to have my Ruger on Friday, but my LGS was closed for the weekend due to a gun show in Tuscon :(

    Now Im like a kid on Christmas waiting for Monday lol.

    Ill post pics and a range report this week!
  10. I was delayed tonight picking up my new Guncrafter CCO, so I get it. It sucks!:crying:
  11. I was looking at a brand new SR1911 at my local shop and there was rather noticeable wear on the frame where the safety and slide lock move up and down. I couldn't tell if it was the black finish on the parts rubbing off on the frame or if a grove was being worn into the frame. Has anyone seen this wear on their new Rugers? I can't imagine the gun was on the shelf long enough for it to get these marks just from potential buyers.
  12. Steel Head

    Steel Head Tactical Cat

    That BLOWS:faint:
  13. Congrats!

    They are very good 1911s for the money.
  14. Sorry to hear, SG

    I hate that.
  15. Dude you're in a worse spot than me lol. Those pistols look amazing!
  16. I didn't notice any wear on the one I'm picking up. Thing looked like it was straight out of the box. Ill keep you updated when I actually have it in my hands again lol
  17. Thanks bac! I've noticed you're the master of fine pistols and 1911's lol. I'll hopefully be as accurate as the pistol lol.
    I'm more of a 9mm guy, but I've always wanted a nice, classy 1911.

    Anything I should look into besides quality mags and trigger time?
  18. Hey they (Ruger) are making a Commander version now so start saving!

    Nice 1911 you picked up :)
  19. Dude, I bought an SR22 early December, and now they have the threaded barrel and stainless slide.

    I put my SR1911 on layaway and see the commander announced a week later and was pissed lol. My only 1911 before this was a Llama Max I so I think a Gov. model 1911 will be perfect for my first one. Plus I haven't shot a commander.
  20. Commanders are sweet balanced 1911s :) They are great to carry as well. Just accept it, you will end up with one sooner or latter :supergrin:
  21. It looks amazing. Once I shoot a commander I will probably get one lol

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