Just bought my first HP ammo!

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by goldencub, Feb 9, 2013.

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    Good my G-19 and G-26 are both stocked with 9mm Speer 124 +p JHP.

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  2. Goldencub..."Is there a noticeable difference with weight of the ammo between range ammo say 115 to the 147?"

    Your son should be in good hands with the prof's & faculty of Kent State U, a most excellent University , or course being a Alumni I am a bit prejudice in that respect. :supergrin:

    Yes their is a difference between these bullet ranges. In my case I practice with 124g FMJ bullets and keep 124 XTP HP in my Glock(s). Your ability to fire your weapon and put it back on target once again is very similar using this method and that could mean everything in a real life crisis.

    Good luck and be safe out there

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  3. Welcome to GT! Enjoy the G19. It was my first Glock. Great gun. Gold Dots are in all of my 9mm pistols.
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    I hope that the democrats won't take away your 15-round magazines too soon.
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    If you do decide to go with a .45 acp I recommend the G30sf for pocket carry, or the G21sf for owb carry.
  6. I've been shooting for a while but recently purchased my 1st Glock (26) for personal carry. That led me to GT. You guys are awesome. I am learning more hear than any schooling I ever took anywhere. Just had to pat you guys on the back. Got my 2nd Glock (17) on backorder from Glokcmeister. Understand there are alot of issue with Glockmeister right now. Anyway, just trying to figure best ammo to break 26 in and what is recommended for 1st choice ammo. Keep the comments and recommendations rolling. Great thread!:wavey:
  7. bnh58 "...Anyway, just trying to figure best ammo to break 26 in and what is recommended for 1st choice ammo."

    First of all congratulation on the new G26 (and soon to be G17), I have these two pistols and love em both! My EDC is my G26 and as far as ammo goes, let me recommend what I use and you can always try others until you find what you (and you Glocks) are comfortable with.

    use 124g bullets for your 9mm, My Glocks (all three) are Gen 3's and run best with this weight bullet. I had ejection problems using factory 115g ammo, since I switched to 124g, well that's all I have for my 9mm's.

    I reload my own for practice however I copy my practice ammo based on Federal "American Eagle" Ammunition. Compared to most 9mm ammo out there, Federal is about the best you will find (best meaning consistency, accuracy, feel).

    For home/self defense I use Hornday's 124g XTP HP "Custom" ammunition, either the "Critical Defense" or better still the "Critical Duty" ammunition is one of the best out there.

    That is what I use, you can start here and test the waters for your self to see what you like.

    Good luck and be safe out there.
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    Welcome to GT!!
  9. Thanks Kentguy....sounds like solid advice. I will keep this in mind as I search for my ammo stash....Hard to come by right now.

    And thanks you SCmasterblaster, for the warm welcome.
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    You are quite welcome. :cool:
  11. Ah, don't worry about it. If they try to do that, just say, "It's not illegal. It's undocumented."
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    Well I have seven undocumented magazines. :cool:
  13. Hmmm. Sounds like we need an amnesty program.
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