Just a heads up to my fellow 10 Ringers, I want to trade or sell my G20LS

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by Meathead9, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. I never thought I'd do it, but it's time for me to let her go. I'm hoping to trade for a NIB GEN 4 G20 (+ $), but I might sell it too. This build ran me well north of $900, so I'm valuing it @ $800. It's in excellent condition, always babied/never holstered, with about 600rds through it.

    I'll also be selling my 9x25 Dillon gear once it's traded or sold. (LWD 6" Barrel, Dillon 9x25 Die Set w/RCBS 9mm Expander Die, 9x25 Once Fired Brass, 90gr, 115gr & 124gr XTP's)

    LWD G20LS (Solid Top) Slide
    CCR Cera-Hide House Black Finish
    LWD 6" 10mm Barrel
    (100% reliable, even with WFNGC's @ 1.26" OAL)
    LWD SS Guide Rod w/22# & 24# ISMI Springs
    Dawson Precision Plain Black Adjustable Rear Sight
    Dawson Precision Red F/O .285" x .100" Front Sight



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  3. 0reo

    How much for just the slide and barrel? I'd be interested.

  4. If you decide your interested in selling just the slide I may be interested.

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  5. This is what it costs to build this complete slide:

    G20LS $259.95
    Blind mark $14.95
    Barrel $ 124.95
    Blind mark $14.95
    CCR Finish $85
    Dawson Precision Rear $79.95
    Dawson Precision Front $39.00
    LWD SS Guide Rod $19.95
    ISMI Springs $18

    Total = $664.70
    (not including shipping)

    I RRREEEAAALLLYYY want a GEN 4 G20, but they won't hit California until "sometime next year" according to Glock. I think $550 seems like a fair value, so I'd like to trade for a GEN 4 G20 and we can arrange the difference. I'm LE, so I can legally buy GEN 4's in CA.
  6. I hope I'm not too far off base on the value, it's between 20-25% off of the original cost.
  7. ugh!!!! mighty nice slide. I am trying to sell off my 7.62 x 39 ammo as i just went to .308 but that slide is sweet. I would be all over it if ..... any one interested in a converted saiga 7.62 x 39, 4000 rounds of ammo, 14 mags, swedish mauser 1911 M96 sporterized to help me buy this.
  8. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    You're making a mistake! ;)

    Happy Turkey Day.
  10. If this was posted a week ago my buddy would have bought it. He just ordered everything and bought a 20sf.
  11. I'm still waiting on my Gen 4 G20 to come in, my first foray into the 10mm realm for me. That is a beautiful pistol, you may wanna hold onto to it, it is a one of a kind beauty.
  12. The G20LS upper has been sold, but the G20SF frame is still for sale ($250 + Shipping)

    My 9x25 Dillon Dies, Barrel, Brass & Bullets are also for sale now.

    PM me if you're interested.

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  13. Opie 1 Kenopie

    Opie 1 Kenopie Regular Guy

    Meat, I'm CA LE also and I happen to know that you can just have an out of state dealer send your dealer a Gen4 G20. Try Bud's or Ed's or Gunbroker. No need to worry about trading some guy from an Internet chat room.
  14. Maybe I'll try Bud's, but Ed's no longer sells to CA. I checked the Blue Label dealers in AZ & NV, and none of them have access to the GEN 4 G20 yet.
  15. If I had the.money I would buy the frame. Just don't have it right now.
  16. Meat, do you still have the 9x25 stuff for sale? I tried sending a PM but your box was full.
  17. Sorry, everything has been sold.
  18. must be contagious I just listed mine in classifieds

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