Jury rigged powder measures

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  1. If you want to believe that? That is you’re propagative. But I know of two cases where that was not the case.

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  2. I would be very interested in your results. If I didn't have other priorities at the moment, I would probably buy one of the scales just to see how it turns out.


  3. Do let us know, I just doubt it, not yet, maybe sooner than later it will happen. Weigh diff check weights, turn it off & on, weigh again, leave it on weigh again, that is the real test; will it stay accurate over time & will it hold zero.
    Calculators used to be $400 & now they give them away. So an accurate/cheap dig scale will happen.
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  4. The issue is the load cell. Not sure if the good ones will ever be cheap. $20 cheap seems unlikely.
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    He's a breeder? Not sure what that has to do with the subject at hand.:dunno:
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    Did gravity change or did they ding up their scales?
  7. May I suggest reading and comprehending all of the posts that were made before worrying about my now non exiting sex life. And don’t you worry shortly after we got married my wife had to have a hysterectomy.
    I might be old. But most of the time I do know what I’m putting up on the screen. And yes what I wrote had to do with what was brought up in the thread.
  8. Nope neither one. One was mine and the other was a friend of mine. Mine was an Ohaus dial o gram and his was an Ohaus and I forget the model.
    Mine I would zero it out I even used a bubble to make sure it was level. Put the check weights in the pan and it would not weigh right of what was in the pan.
    His we gave me a load to try and I loaded them up of what he said and my gun would not work. I would shoot his reloads and the gun would work. So I took a couple of rounds home and pulled the bullets and weighted the charge. The charge was more than what he said. He had an Ohaus and a Dillon digital. They did not read the same so he thought the Dillon was wrong and the beam was right. He then bought a set of check weights. The beam was wrong and the digital was right.
    So you can draw your own conclusion but in my option a beam scale can be wrong from my experience.
  9. And that's the way to approach this powder measure/scale issue: Use check weights. Regardless of the type of scale.

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    I don't think he was making a shot at your marital relations, I think he was just poking fun at a malapropism you used.
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    "That is you’re propagative"

    You wrote it. You think you know what you meant.

    I read it. I know what it means.

    One of us is right.

    Guess who?:tongueout:
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  12. If you look at Lee,s loading data using the dippers, they tend to load on the low or even below low starting loads. They do throw viable loads if you can find a dipper number that covers a specific powder. I have been using homemade dippers since 1949 (granted not reloading as long as some of you) but in my experience dippers work just fine when checked and double checked against my old beam Ohaus 500 scale. I build dippers that fall into the mid-range of the loads. I never load to max as there is really no need to. Some of my loads with a dipper for 300 WSM-180 Accubond, have taken buffalo, moose, elk, caribou, black bear, caribou, and numerous white tail. Won a pistol G17, many years ago at Ft. Benning, using dipper load of Bullseye. Of course can no longer hold a pistol without tremors ...
  13. Is "English Nazi" an OXYMORON??

    Anyway, those of us who aren't know he meant "prerogative".


    [ pri róggətiv ]

    1.privilege restricted to people of rank: an exclusive privilege or right enjoyed by a person or group occupying a particular rank or position
    2.individual right or privilege: a privilege or right that allows a particular person or group to give orders or make decisions or judgments
    3.privilege resulting from natural advantage: the right conferred by a natural advantage that places somebody in a position of superiority

    Propagative I guess that would be an adjective describing this: prop·a·ga·tion (pr p-g sh n)
    n. 1. Multiplication or increase, as by natural reproduction.
    2. The process of spreading to a larger area or greater number

  14. I'd like to be an English Nazi, but I am already accused of being an RO Nazi - so I just cringe at some of what I read on forums and move on. :supergrin:
  15. So I meant to spell prerogative. So sue me. Like I’m the only one that has ever misspelled a word on here.
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    Okay, fine. You are right.
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    TKM the reloading forum on Glock TAlk is like other subforums. While it is OK to disagree with someone, we do it in a polite manner. Please be civil or please don't post here.

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