John Kerry's AK 47

Discussion in 'Veteran's Forum' started by ConnScot, Sep 18, 2004.

  1. Hello Men - I need the advice of some of you Vietnam Vets . In a quoted response in the Federalist Patriot, edition of 9/17 or number 04-37, , Kerry says he has a Chicom AK as a "reminder" of his service. I was there fairly early, 1965/6, and we didn't see too many AK's. Most of what we picked up were SKS's and bolt action stuff from God knows when. As I recall, however, the few AK's that I saw were all capable of fully automatic fire. Do any of you recall AK's that were semiautomatic only? I would love to find out that Mr. Kerry is in violation of the NFA. I wonder what the libs would say to defend him on that charge? I would appreciate your responses.

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  2. FLIPPER 348

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    Did he say how old his AK was.............or when he got it??

  3. Flipper - Negative on both questions, but you make good points in your query. He could have bought a semi-auto lastmonth for all we know.
  4. I would still like to know why Flip-Flop munster was doing leaving his boat and going on patrol in the boonies? Have heard soooooooo many different versions im just as confused as he is. If its a true AK its illeagle . I tried to bring back awelded m-2 carbine had all the papers but was taken in cam rahn before i left. Hope they get him for having it along with S. Brady!
  5. C'mon, we all know he is a liar. He has no such gun. I can't believe anyone believes him.
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    assume nothing

    Hell, OJ is walking the streets.
  7. Then don't assume he has a gun until you see it.
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    I never did.
  9. Were vietnam vets allowed to bring back foregin firearms from the war? While in Operation Iraqi Freedom we were strictly forbidden from bringing home any Iraqi guns or even ammo. If I remember correctly Iraqi bayonets and combat knives were not allowed either. And I do remember trying to bring back some 30rd AK mags and having them confiscated before we left the country.
    Oh wait, I do remember hearing unit comanders could bring weapons back if they wanted to use them as mementos in a unit shrine or for something they could display in the unit cp. Yeah that's right, I bet Kerry could have pulled something like that off since he was an O.

    However, if it's full auto he would be in violation, unless he has a class III license.
  10. Yep...In Iraq they first told us to tape up all of our souvnier bayonets and knives and place them in a shipping container for the trip back stateside. After they were gone for a few days, the word floated through that they were now confiscated by customs. I was lucky to bring home a few of the old Sadam dinar notes and only have one left.
    I do, however have a few interesting memories. (Not to mention a few new quirks and the lack of being able to sleep at night.)
    I didn't get to bring this AK home but it sure outperformed the M16A2 on a regular basis in that environment.
    BTW. I'm sitting in a "non-existant" terrorist training camp in this shot.
  11. Wow doc, you look pretty young for being 36 years old, i know it's not from all that healthy eating you did with the Marines.

    Semper Fi doc. ;Y
  12. I think it had to do with running out of food and lot's of playing combat nurse maid to kids half my age. I went civilian last November and am now getting older and fatter by the day. It's good to be a full time husband and daddy now.

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