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jjensen beach fl county parks and boat ramps & parks( no firearms..)..

Discussion in 'Florida Glockers Club' started by boarhunter, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. I just came from the park area in jensen beach park under the casways bridges and they have posted signs in front of bathrooms in a big sign along with fireworks/ no firearms and many other ban stuff there..... What the hell are they thinking of .... when im there is fishing there at night or anytime the county thnks they have the right to disarm ME! :steamed: I will look into this!!!
  2. Mr. Blandings

    Mr. Blandings

    Jun 20, 2001

    Florida State Statute 790.33 states (in pertinent part):

  3. thanks MR blandings It just all confuseing and allways the fine print stuff thats makes us not understand.........
  4. FlaChef

    FlaChef Steyroid

    Jul 4, 2004
    very simple in FL:
    Signs mean nothing.
    If it's not on the list of restricted places in 790 then by all means carry.
    Worst that can happen is a private business can ask you to leave (same way they could if you were being disruptive) or fire you if you work for them.
  5. Mr. Blandings

    Mr. Blandings

    Jun 20, 2001

    Your response seems to indicate that you are only considering CCW, as "the list of restricted places in 790" usually focuses on those places where one cannot lawfully CCW (FSS 790.06(12)), however one should remember that under EXTREMELY LIMITED circumstances it is lawful to CC or OC in Florida without a CCW. As the OP's post mentioned fishing, which is one of those extrememly limited circumstances, it's a point worth remembering/considering.

    *Note: While lawful per FSS 790 in EXTREMELY LIMITED circumstances I do not recommend CC without a valid FL CCW. The arrest and bond alone will likely cost you more than the $117 for a permit. Same pretty much goes for OC only the CCW doesn't cover that.