Jesse "The Skunk" Ventura Wins His Lawsuit Against Snipers Estate/Widow

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by GLWyandotte, Jul 29, 2014.

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  2. Blue Eyes speaks English and talks in complete sentences. You may have to work on that.

    You're apparently not familiar with the Serenity Prayer, or its source.

    It might be something to think about, rather than turning to a confessed murderer as your idol.

  3. Lone_Wolfe

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    The military people I'm around aren't favoring Kyle at all. Especially now that it's been shown that Kyle lied about that and other things. Much like you see here, where you're pretty much on your own in here anymore.

    As for that company having a reason to lie, they sure do. As I mentioned before, I have some background in advertising. They're using the 'Bandwagon Effect' there. Making something seem more desirable because so many others want it, therefore you should too. It's a very common advertising ploy. They're also using adding in the urgency that if you don't jump on the bandwagon now (order a shirt), your chance will be lost forever. That email you got a while back telling of order overload was using the same ploy. Telling you that so many people ordered that they couldn't keep up with the demand would only make a person feel better about having gotten an order in. I've seen it many, many times.
  4. I "am on my own is here" now with what 5-6 people who disagree with me. I can live with that. :) It's not like I am 1 against 100 or anything. I think most people on both sides of this have moved on from this thread. I think it will get stirred up again some when the movie comes out.

    No way to know what the sales of the shirt are. The book was a NYT best seller, a major movie is coming online quickly. The popularity of Chris is established so I don't find it unbelievable at all that they have sold 35,000 shirts. Why do think they might be lying? Is there something to indicate that?
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  5. Ruggles,
    You might want to consider that it isn't the number of people that disagree with you or agree with you. It has to do with what is right and good.

    Then again I understand that there are people who follow their crowd and give into peer pressure because they need to feel loved and accepted.
  6. It would be honoring the Kyle legacy, wouldn't it?
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    The number of folks who have been elected more than once should have cooled you off on the whole idea of established popularity.
  8. When I am taking about this case being in the court of public opinion where it is now then it is a factor. No way around the fact that the public perception of these two men before the case effects the public perception of these two men after the case.

    As far as established popularity my point was having a NYT bestseller (#1 even I believe) and Clint Eastwood and a major studio making a movie about a subject is a fairly good measure to estimate that selling 35,000 shirts is reasonable.
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  9. Yea, JV cleared his name CK dirtied his name. Sad and true.
  10. First it was facebook. Being popular on the kiddie channel, because as mature adultes we all know how important it is to have hoards of pimple faced teenie-boppers "like" you on the kiddie show.

    Then it's tee shirts. Never mind the matter having been proven by preponderance of evidence in court. Never mind it having been firmly established by witnesses. Never mind the fact that Kyle himself lied openly on national television as he bragged about enough murders to make him a serial killer, and earn him the death penalty as a felon. Never mind the truth. Someone sold tee shirts, and enough mindless lemmings bought them that the truth doesn't really matter. It's all about "likes" on facebook, and uninformed people who buy a tee shirt. There you go.

    It gets better. A movie changes everything. Why settle for uninformed posters who try to make their point with patriotic pictures of Kyle next to a flag (as if that changes anything). He must be right because (que the choir of angels) Clint Eastwood himself is directing a movie about Kyle's life. Wow. That clears it up. Thanks. "Likes," tee shirts, and now Clint. You should have been an attorney. You've uncovered a valuable truth. Kyle may have been a confessed murderer, slanderer, libelist, and liar, but damn if he doesn't have ignorant kids that like him, an antique movie star that's directing a movie about him, and a bunch of tee shirts with his picture. You sure know how to get to the truth, don't you?

    Let's not disregard the fact that the "NYT Best Seller" contains lies, and by that fact alone, has no credibility. Sold as the truth, nothing in the book need be believed, and it carries no more weight than Lance Armstrong's book(s). We may assume the same for the movie, given Kyle's lack of veracity and his wild need to tell lies to bolster his image. We will save the discussion for the mentality of those who hold him up as some shining beacon for later. Not really a stellar crowd themselves, lacking the basic reasoning to see the truth. Ironically, the same folks that buy the tee shirts. Nothing like a fanbase of ignorant fools to make a statement, is there?
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  11. Ruggles where are you?????????????
  12. Shirt arrived today.


    Good stuff. :)
  13. "The Legend."

    Too bad "the legend" is a lie.

    Why not substitute "The Legend" with "Serial Killer," instead.

    He did confess on national television, if you'll recall.

    Of course, that was a lie, too...
  14. It should read:

    'The Cover-up Campaign'


    'Money For Millionaires Campaign'


    'Chris Lied and Honor Died Campaign'
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    Because they were hired to sell shirts, and they'd be negligent in doing their job if they didn't use tried and true methods of increasing sales. And what I described is a very tried and very true method.

    And 5 or 6 against just you is as fair of a popularity assessment as a bunch of face book likes, especially since there's no opposing number being tracked.
  16. Oh my God...


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