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Jennifer's swimming hole

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Bill Powell, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Bill Powell

    Bill Powell Cross Member CLM

    Mar 10, 2002
    dallas, tx
    Between Louisiana and Mississippi, on route 11, between Picayune, Miss. and New Orleans is the Pearl River Swamp. Right at the river bridge at the state line is an old swimming hole that we all liked. Jennifer had visited this area as a child, and loved that swimming hole. Just recently she was traveling through the area and remembered the old swimming hole, so she pulled off the road and drove down the trail to the spot.

    The first thing she noticed when she got there was an absence of humanity. Well, she thought, "it is a work day and the kids are in school so it is probably safe to do a little skinny dipping." Well, the water was wonderful and she was relaxing, and didn't hear me walking down the trail til it was almost too late.

    When she heard me all she could find was a number two wash tub sitting on shore. She grabbed the tub, held it in front of her, and waited for me to show. "You were probably thinking that you could just walk right up and catch me nekkid. Is that what you were thinking?"

    "No maam," I said, "I wasn't thinking nothing of the sort. What I'm thinking is that you're thinking there's a bottom in that wash tub."

    Justin Wilson, forgive me my transgressions.
  2. BLAZE


    May 24, 2004
    ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z ;z
    nice story Bill.
    This Jennifer sure needs to get more prepared next time.Like bring a towel with her.;f :)

  3. Eddie C.

    Eddie C. Administrator Moderator CLM

    Feb 21, 2002
    State of Confusion
    Hiya Bill. I loved Justin and his stories. I guaronteeee!;)
  4. Caretaker

    Caretaker GO YANKEES!!!

    Jun 21, 2004
    Hey Bill, that was a good one. I liked that. But got one thing to say about it.....If i were you, I would have grabbed ahold of my "RUBBER DUCKIE" and jumped in and joined Jeniffer in that Hole and introduced my "RUBBER DUCKIE" to her....LOL good one Bill. I like those "JENIFER STORIES you got, keep them coming! She sounds like she is FUN 'N' FREAKY too. MMMMMM.... ;f ;f ;f [​IMG]
  5. Bill Powell

    Bill Powell Cross Member CLM

    Mar 10, 2002
    dallas, tx
    Mornin ya'll. I couldn't, caretaker, she was too quick with that tub.