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Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by California Jack, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. California Jack

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    8/19/11 BP. 45x5 95x5 135x5 155x5 170x8
    DL 135x5 225x5 265x5 305x8

    Four rounds of 10 pushups, 35# pair db swings, 10 inverted rows, 30 second planks, 60 second rest


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  2. What is your current plan? 5/3/1 with a conditioning finisher and conditioning workouts on some of the over days?

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  3. California Jack

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    Yeah, that's about it Brad. 5/3/1 twice weekly. My finisher on those days are related to the lifts I did on that day. Kinda like doing the boring but big version with the accessory stuff done at a fast pace, kinda.

    I run twice weekly and do dome other met con as life permits.

    A while back I had some weird back/hip/sacra iliac pain accompanied by my left nut hurting. I stayed away from the weights for a while. I feel better now, but I certainly have become a weakling. However, conditioning has become my priority.
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  4. Pretty cool, except that nut thing.

    Hey, watch out! You said met con. You will be mistaken for a CFer. :rofl: Next, we'll be hearing about virtuosity and will have to break out some CF cartoons.

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  5. California Jack

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    8 / 21 / 11. Ran a route I will for now on call the hospital loop.

    I did three minute warmup walk

    Hospital loop in 25:59

    Three minute cool down walk.
  6. Hospital loop. Does that indicate that the loop is around a hospital or that it might put you in the hospital if you're not careful?

    Hey, did I tell you about the time I came to OKC to investigate massively corroding steel in one of the hospital crawlspaces? Was great fun.
  7. California Jack

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    A loop from my house around a hospital an back
    Yeah, you tould me about that once before, but I do not rememerbyou findins.
  8. California Jack

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    8/23/11. Thirty minutes on treadmill @ 2% incline. Ran 2.75 miles.

    First treadmill goal is to get over three miles in thirty minutes.
  9. I forgot the name of the hospital, but it had a crawlspace about 4 ft high, and about 6 in. of standing water. The composite beams were coated with old asbestos, probably from the 70s. That stuff holds water up against the steel, so many of the beams were rusted through the web and had perhaps half the bottom flange gone. Because of the asbestos, we had to wear these crazy looking suits. They somehow got rid of the water and we added a bunch of new steel beams beside the corroded ones. I bet it was fun installing those!!

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  10. California Jack

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    I think it was Presbyterian.
  11. BCR

    BCR BIGASS!!!!

    Ah yes.

    I love the "old school". :supergrin:
  12. California Jack

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    8/24/11. Press 45x5. 100x3. 115x3. 125x6
    Sq. 95x5 135x4. 175x3. 195x3. 225x7

    Four rounds for time db press 35x10, sq 95x10, band pulldownsx10, cronchesx10, 100 rope turns, 60 second rest

    In 14:38

    Shoul have done five rounds without the rest period.
  13. California Jack

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    8/26/11 20 minutes of intervals on treadmill
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  14. California Jack

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    8/28/11. BP 45x5 95x4. 140x3. 160x3. 180x8
    DL 135x5. 225x4. 240x3. 285x3. 335x8

    5 rounds for time of (bw dipsx3, br 135x10, rolloutsx2, sldl 185x10, rest 60 sec)

    In 16:56
  15. California Jack

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    8/31/11. 30 minutes in treadmill 2percent incline 3.03 miles.
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  16. 3.03 milled? Svenn, step away from the computer right now. Nothing to see here. :rofl:

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  17. California Jack

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    Wow, I missed that completely. Editing now.
  18. California Jack

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    9/1/11 20 minutes of intervals on treadmill
  19. California Jack

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    9/2/11 press. 45x5. 105x5. 120x3. 132.5x6
    Squat. 135x5 185x5 210x3. 235x7

    For time 50 95 pound front squats, 50 pushups, 50 135 pound bent rows, 50 sit-ups

    In 17:33

    Was supposed to do 500 turns of jump rope but was too spent.
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  20. I like your conditioning workout. Is that a CalJackFit original?

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