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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by SpringerTGO, Aug 19, 2014.

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    I've been having a hard time finding a good iwb holster for my ccw weapon. Any suggestions?

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  2. Hidden Hybrids holsters. Great IWB holsters that are built to last. I have one for my full size M&P 9mm and love it.
  3. One vote for the N82 Pro Model.
  4. Sorry, the pic didn't post.
    It's been so long since I've posed one I forgot how to.
    The pic was of my FNX-t with an Osprey and an RMR. So carrying it iwb would be a joke.
  5. I have either a PJ or Cooks for every carry firearm.
  6. Check out the Alien Gear website....lots of info...
    Great price...great warranty...
    I sure do like my 2.0 a lot. Use it everyday for my G19.
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  7. I've gone to SmartCarry holsters after trying so many others. They just plain work.

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  8. Hidden Hybrid Holsters (HHH):wavey:
  9. I do not carry IWB often enough to justify purchasing another IWB holster, but if I wanted a new one this is what it would be. Check out the Youtube, etc reviews
    This is supposed to be a very comfortable IWB holster


    Garrett Industries Silent Thunder Fusion

    The Silent Thunder Fusion is a composite holster that combines incredible thinness, unbelieveable comfort and extreme durability. The Fusion consists of:
    -Thin layer of suede for comfort, adhesion/non-slippage, and ventilation - NO EXPOSED HARDWARE
    -Layer of thin closed cell foam which contours to your body, rounds out control surfaces of the weapon and provides a sweat barrier
    -Thin layer of Hermann Oak Veg Tanned Leather providing a smooth surface for the weapon, quiets presentation and serves as the anchor point for the entire system. This same leather lines the Kydex front further quieting presentation and eliminating the harshness of Kydex next to your weapon.
    The Silent Thunder Fusion will quickly become your 'go-to' IWB/conceal holster. Designed for long duration comfort, the ST Fusion is the perfect blend of materials and design for your every day carry (EDC) weapon

  10. I love my Alien!!!!

  11. I have owned nearly every single holster mentioned in this thread, and can say that....

    There are more great holster manufacturers right now, than EVER in the history of guns!

    I am a bit of a holster junkie, and my very favorite of all time, for IWB, is TT Gunleather, "Mike's Special"

    It carries low and with aggressive forward cant angle, which means I can make a pistol disappear, yet still get a full firing grip. (worn just behind the point of the hip)
  12. Another vote for the N82 Pro. My Glock 19 rides in it every day and is very comfortable.
  13. Another vote for the N82 Pro. My 26/19/30s fits the same holster.
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  14. I like my Alien Gear holster.
  15. Crossbreed IWB Supertuck. One of the most comfy iwb holsters I've used.
    I use one for a sig226 and G20

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