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IWB Holster for Glock 19

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by hoover456, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Jun 14, 2002
    On a proper gunbelt, the glock sport is about as flat as anything out there. No need to wait for winter- its flat enough to conceal wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
  2. Batwing

    Batwing The Radio Guy

    Sep 15, 2011
    Kingtuck works fine for me for my G23. It will be same for your G19.

  3. I am on a seemingly unending quest to STILL find the perfect (for me) holster. I have Kwart, CBST, MTAC, Brommeland MCV, MS VM2, MS Summer Special, Fist K2, CTAC, and maybe a couple of others. All are good, but all still seem to lack the one or two attributes that I want.

    I am now considering a Raven, just to experience for myself what all the rave is about. However, the Secret City seems to be a bit better executed, so I may try that first.
  4. Snafu

    Snafu Millennium Member

    Aug 11, 1999
    I'll add my vote for the High Noon Mr. Softy carried AIWB. I have carried my G23 in it for the last three years without problem in all kinds of weather, in all kinds of clothing and even many times while hiking using a T-shirt as cover. It is fast on the draw, inexpensive and pretty comfortable, too.
  5. CTfam

    CTfam DREAM BIG.

    Feb 19, 2006
    I must ask... What are the one or two attributes you are looking for? That is a lot of holsters!

    Also, what are you packing?
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  6. Packing G19, G26 or G30, depending... nothing special.

    All of the listed holsters had some of the attributes but not all that I am looking for.

    Of all the ones I have, the MTAC finds the most carry time, followed by MCV. In the last six months, these are the only two that have had hip time. The MTAC collapses a tad much when unholstered due to the design of how the molded body mounts to the leather backing near the trigger guard. The MCV is finished so smooth on the back side that it has minor tendency to shift around, especially when the belt loops go around a thinner belt (like the Wilderness belt) - they work fine on my regular gun belt, as the belt loops are snug and tight around the belt, which prevents shifting. I might try some rubber belt loops, like Raven's. I can also put some moleskin on the back side of the holster but don't want to yet.
  7. Galco Summer Comfort
  8. IllinoisGun


    Oct 12, 2011

    1/2 the price of a Supertuck, twice as fast shipping time and metal clips without all those silly Christian crosses marred about. Nice custom work!
  9. Here is a link to my most recent holster purchase:

    The pic doesn't seem to want to copy here.

    I picked up one of these Next Holster Guardian holsters at a local gun show a few weeks ago. It is working well for my G19 & G23. The clips can be changed to use the holster as either IWB or OWB. I have only used it as IWB.

    I often see CBST owners modifying their holster to cut down on the clip spread, i.e., the amount of space the holster occupies on your belt. While I like my CBST, this holster seems to be already cut to the optimum width. I also prefer the softness of leather on my hip.

    I'll see how it holds up but so far I like it and its price of $59.95 quite a lot.
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  10. I have carried the Blackhawk Universal IWB holster for over 10 years. I use both the j-hooks and snap-loop versions. The one holster. Works Effectively for all of the 9MM frame Glocks. I have comfortably carried Glocks 17, 19, 26 and 34 with that one holster.
  11. Correction the holster is made by Bladetech.
  12. frank261917owner


    Nov 6, 2011
    I have a CBST that fits my 26, 19, and 17. I also have two Cleveland's IWB holsters (for the 19 and 26). They all conceal well under 'T' shirts, and keep these guns secure but still readily accessible. The Cleveland's are less expensive, if that's a consideration. Cleveland' is their website, or they're on Facebook also. Both companies have given me top-notch customer service!
  13. Swipter


    Jan 5, 2013
    Anyone tried the incog IWB system?
  14. cs1911


    Nov 30, 2012

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  15. jason6


    May 12, 2013
    ive been using a 3 speed holster for about a year every time i wear gym shorts and a tshirt. very concealable and its soft in the right spots and stiff in the right spots. works well sitting in a car on long trips or just walking around. i sweat a lot so obviously it gets sweaty, but whatever material it has on the back doesnt absorb moisture or odor and it is bone dry 5 minutes after i take it off with no odor from my pork belly drippings. even has a built in mag holder. carry a glock 23 in it.
  16. EDCholsters


    Feb 20, 2008
  17. AXaxiom


    Mar 2, 2013
    This is the INCOG with a G19
    sorry for the bad pic but I took it using a mirror.
    I'm really liking this holster for AIWB, it is comfortable even when driving.
    I'm using a standard dress belt, I need to get a carry belt



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