IWB Holster for Glock 19

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by hoover456, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I love my mtac as well as my remora for carrying my G19

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  2. If topgunsupply.com still has any in stock, it's really hard to beat a Milt Sparks Versa-Max 2 for comfort. If not, get on their notification list. They probably only get them a couple of times a year. They're in that much demand.

  3. Rob_W

    I picked out the King Tuk and then came across a thread on GT about the Remora Holster.

    The remora is $30 cheaper too.

    Here are some GT threads on the subject Remora Search

    Good reviews on youtube too.
  4. I'll give Tommy THEIS a shout out.
    Make sure you get a real gun belt too. In my opinion a good belt can make a bad holster work and a good holster a pleasure to wear.
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  5. I use a Highnoon Split Decision tuckable holster.
  6. coyote 30

    coyote 30 COYOTE HUNTER!!

    I have been carrying my G19 in a Blade Tech NANO IWB holster now for about 3 months, daily and it is the most comfortable IWB I have ever used. It is thin and the contours on it really make it comfortable. Blade Tech has done a good job of getting rid of the hot spots on this holster that can rub you wrong and make an IWB uncomfortable.
    I have tried about all the IWB holsters out there and this is the only IWB I have used that is wearable all day with abosultley no discomfort.
    To me it feels as comfortable as wearing a OWB Glock sport/combat holster.
  7. Smartcarry is comfortable since the weight of your carry piece is born by it's belt and not your trousers. Being soft denim, it feels good and lays as close to your body as possible---and provides maximum concealment. Safe as well---I tried to move the trigger from the outside of the holster (while unloaded of course) and I never could move the trigger. Used mine for years---the nose of my muzzle has worn through the denim---wear it just over my right hip, just a little to the rear....nobody has made me yet.
    Highly recommend it!
  8. Chinese Grock

    Chinese Grock Throbbin'Member

    Butchered Glock Sport/Combat Holster $15

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    I will never go back
  10. coyote 30

    coyote 30 COYOTE HUNTER!!

    I have used the MIC also and it works great. When I need to carry IWB appendix I use a MIC.
  11. Like many others above, I love the Don Hume 715 Open Top. Have worn it over 5 yrs and still going strong.
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  12. Another vote for the MTAC.
  13. ComTac MTAC!
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  14. Tommy Theis Holster.

    Top notch in all respects.
  15. Doc8404

    Doc8404 Master Chief

    i too bought a Theis. stay away from the metal clips, have destroyed several quality belts with them. I ended up ordering CTAC clips instead.
  16. Tommy Thesis, just recieved one a feew days ago and love it. I have never cared much for IWB carry but have been wearing this one with a Glock 20SF ands it was very comfortable.
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  17. One of the guys I work with carries a G-34 in a Galco King Tuk and the gun is invisible under a shirt. I'll pick one up when the gun shop gets some more in. :cool:
  18. dooga

    dooga New to Glocks

  19. I use the Sidearmour IWB and have for about 4 years, have a couple of them for different guns but usually carry my G23
  20. The Remora 6-ART turned out to fit my G-32 perfectly but I recommend contacting Alan before ordering. That model is designated for other size pistols but in my opinion it's perfect for the compact Glock models.

    If you plan on having a garment covering the belt area I also recommend the Glock Sport/Combat holster, with the holster placed between the belt and pants. It's an excellent and effective Kydex holster at a very affordable price. You won't regret buying one.
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