IWB Holster for Glock 19

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by hoover456, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I have G19 Gen 3 and I am looking for a holster to carry. I have never carried before and recently obtained my permit to carry a pistol. I am looking for a good IWB holster that could conceal a G19 with a t-shirt if possible. So far I have been looking at the "Crossbreed Super tuck" and "Galco King Tuk". Looking for ideas and/or experience with carrying a G19

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  3. The comp-tac MTAC is very much like the Crossbreed but has replaceable shells so you can change what gun it fits without buying a whole new holster.


  4. I carry a g19 in a Comp Tac Spartan everyday.Supertuck is a good holster but I felt more comfortable with the Spartan. Check out Comp Tac. There turn around time is incredible and their customer service is top notch.
  5. any CBST style holster like comp tacs and king tuks, and the remora holster. you should be very happy with any of those.

  6. I've carried my Glock 19 & 27 in an Survival Systems holster for almost 2 years now. The specific model is the Elite, size 9a. I like it a ton, its very comfortable and the price is unbeatable if you wear the write belt with it. Also offers the option of ambidextrous carry because of a removable IWB clip that attaches on both sides. Check it out:

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    This. Plus I like the plastic clips they have, seems to be easier on my belt when I take my holster off while I'm sitting around the house.
  8. I hate to sound like an ass but there are at least 5 threads on this topic on just page 1. Read a few of those. And for my .02 cents the CBST is my choice.
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    Shielded Holsters. Member on here, Kwart. His product is just as good as cross breed etc, but is significantly cheaper. I've worn mine as an EDC for 10 months and it looks brand new.
  10. Comptac mtac gets my vote...very comfy, conceals well, and you can configure its depth and cant. And you get some candies ;)
  11. The MTAC is great but my favorite for a Glock is the Kramer #3.
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    Don Hume's PCCH (Preferred Concealed Carry Holster) is the most comfortable one I've ever used. Made from thin but firm leather, has a body shield to protect my "hide", and conceals very well. I have one for my G19 and I'm wearing a Colt Combat Commander in one right now.

    I can wear either of these in the PCCH all week long with no discomfort.

    I have a CompTac CTAC and it's an outstanding holster, I wear it mostly when teaching as it's a super easy one to reholster with one hand but I have enough "waist" where if I try to wear it all day, it "digs" a bit.

    The Don Hume Open Top with metal clip are very good quality and very affordable but the PCCH is more than well worth the price difference.

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  14. Check out palmettotacticalgear.com they have a special going on right now and great holsters that can be worn Iwb and owb depending on which mounting option you choose. They have a special running for the month of august too 10% off if you use code hkproaugust
  15. I don't have experience with the CBST so my vote will have to go for either the MTAC or a Remora #10. Both can conceal easily under a t shirt for me with my G19.
  16. I have a crossbreed for my 19/26. I ordered a holster from Tommy for my 30 I liked it so much I bought another for my 19/26. Cross breed is a good holster but you are paying for the name.

  17. Try N82tactical.com
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    I have been using a Galco V-hawk for several months.
    In it's standard configuration. It is a standard IWB holster.

    With the addition of the Galco King Tuck clips, it becomes tuckable.
  19. I have a Milt Sparks SSII. I just ordered a RM Low Rider.

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