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I've got a running injury, not sure what it is

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning' started by rebbryan, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. rebbryan

    rebbryan .40FireFighter

    It's on my lower left leg, about 1/3 the way up between my ankle and knee. It's off center of the shin to the left and below it, it's not shin splints, it bulges out and starts to hurt after running more than 1.5 miles. It swells a little when I run but doesn't hurt when I press on it, I think it might be something nerve related, just wondering if anyone knows more than I do. Problem is I will have to run 3 miles a day in about a month, so I need to find out if it will be a problem for a long time or if it will go away with rest. I've looked online but haven't found any info that relates to it
  2. DBradD


    Apr 24, 2005
    It's been a while since you posted, so I'd be interested to know the outcome.

    My best guess is that you have something weird (how's that for a technical term?!) about your form that's causing your ankle flexor (another technical term!!) to work too hard. You have muscles in that area that contract to do the opposite of curling your toes downward. There are also muscles in that area that do the opposite of the main calf muscles, in other words, the opposite of straightening your ankle. I was a conventional-style placekicker in high school and these muscles would sometimes give me fits because the toe has to be held very high, very rigidly to kick that way. If this guess is correct, then I think it might go away simply from rest, although I have no clue if that's possible.

    I hope you post an update.


  3. Knute

    Knute "Nothin"

    Aug 28, 2004
    Northern Colorado
    I was a certified athletic trainer for a while before changing jobs, but worked at two large universities.

    Shin splints is an umbrella term for non-generalized pain. Nobody knows exactly what it is or what can stop it. If there is a small bulge then it's possible this could be a herniation of a muscle through the connective tissue. I've actually got something similar in the same area. What happens is that there is a connective tissue, similar to the skin around sausage, that covers our muscles to help them keep their form. This can rupture when the muscle is contracted. I'm not aware of them really being much problem however.

    A possible solution is to obtain a neoprene shin sleeve. They sell these at sporting good stores next to all of the ankle splints and athletic tape. What this would do is keep the muscle warm by increasing blood flow, and also give your muscles something else to contract and put pressure against.

    This is only a theory since I'm not looking at you and actually doing an evaluation. If it's still giving you problems, you may want to consult either a GP who has sports medicine experience or an orthopedic surgeon.

    Hope this helps.