It's warming up

Discussion in 'OX & Alex Forum' started by OSSI, Nov 16, 2012.

  1. OSSI

    OSSI Litter Kitty

    Ready for summer :)

  2. Blast

    Blast 'nuff said

    Nice pool.:thumbsup:

    It's cooling down up here.:crying:

  3. Took me a second, forgot where you were. BTW, nice pool.
  4. kcb

    kcb Southern Lady

    Hey Ossi! :wavey: :hugs:

    It just can't decide what it wants to do here. One day it's summer, one day it's winter, then the next day it is autumn! We just layer our clothes so we are prepared for whatEVER the day may bring! (AND the weather forecasters have NO idea what to say...they ACT like they do, but they are clueless too! :rofl: )
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