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its hard having two good SD barrels

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by 1canvas, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. ever since i bought a 32 barrel for my 23 its always hard deciding which to carry. both are great in there own respect. i actually shoot the sig better but man that is a loud round. just thinking what it would be like shooting that in an enclosed area, i already have hearing issues [would somebody answer that phone:rofl:]. the .40 has more options on rounds you can use but you don't ever read about a 357sig not getting it done. decisions, decisions :dunno:.
  2. ncglock30


    Sep 29, 2006
    North Carolina
    G32 is my favorite Glock. Great shooting and less muzzle flip

  3. DakPara


    Mar 13, 2009
    G32/357 Sig all the way for me. The energy (or as I call it "path work" from my nuclear engineering / health physics days) has to go somewhere. Even if it is heat, it contributes in my mind.
  4. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    That would make my decision right there. All handgun loads are gonna be loud in an enclosed area. Options, you only need one good SD load.:dunno:
  5. G26S239

    G26S239 NRA Patron

    Mar 17, 2008
    I have 4 pistols that are 40/357 and 2 @ 40 only. I like and use the 40 much more, but the 357 is cool.