It's 1885, and the sheriff...

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by Jbar4Ranch, Feb 18, 2013.

  1. Jbar4Ranch

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    ... makes the first tactical shotgun in Red Rock!

    I've got four hammered Damascus 10ga shotguns for Cowboy Action, and this one had the lower rib separating for the last several inches, so it got cut to 18 1/2" last night. :supergrin: I can hardly wait for a night shoot!


    My picture taking spot is outside and it was snowing last night, hence the fuzzy white dots all over.

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  3. Road Dog

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    Very nice JBAR, you might want to wear some sunglasses when you set that one off.


  4. I know many say it is not a big deal but I will not shoot a Damascus gun even with black powder- just too marginal as far as strength is concerned. I understand sass has made use of Damascus barreled guns a rule violation at sanctioned matches - probably with good reason
  5. Jbar4Ranch

    Jbar4Ranch B-Western Hero
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    I shoot dozens of matches every year, and this is the first I've heard of such a thing. Nothing in in any of the RO manuals or rulebooks about it either...
  6. Nice, let us know how it shoots. :supergrin:
  7. Yea keep those loads under 9500 psi and you should be good! Strictly BP loads! That 10 ga should be fun on both ends!:supergrin:
  8. Jbar4Ranch

    Jbar4Ranch B-Western Hero
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    Shooting these oldies as much as I do, I have a good supply of 10g brass cases. I load them with 100 grains FFg and 1 1/4 oz shot.

    The guns that are left today are the good ones... I figure the ones that were going to blow up, blew up a hundred years ago or more. :cowboy:
  9. Congrats on that nifty old double. While I enjoy looking at the picture I'd rather shoot something a few guages smaller. I shot a 10 ga one time only. tom.:embarassed:
  10. Saw an article somewhere which indicated SxS double shotgun barrel bursts may be related to excessive scraping the solder joint between the barrel and rib, which weakens the barrel and makes an area where rust can hide and grow.

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