Issue with a new Mossberg 590a1?

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by snatiep, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hello Everyone!

    I'm not sure but I might have a problem with my brand new 590a1, maybe not though?

    I bought this shotgun yesterday afternoon and unboxed it this morning. I've racked the slide many times so far and just racked it again an hour ago some more. The last time I tried to pull the slide forward it locked up half way home.

    I completely disassembled the shotgun and this very small piece of metal fell out. Upon disassembling I also noticed quite a bit of machining debris metal shavings. I used a flashlight and could see no possible place where this piece could have come from so I am assuming it is a metal sprue that somehow managed to stay in the gun when assembeled.

    I completely cleaned the shotgun and function tested the gun with rounds in the magazine and it worked flawlessly. I did not fire the gun though, but dry firing it the hammer falls and the safety works.

    Thanks for your thoughts and comments!


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  2. I'd probably come to the same conclusion as you. If you went through it with a bright light and inspected everything, I'd shoot it but be careful.

  3. Got photos? A photo of the offending piece of metal would help.
  4. deburr and polish= no more problems
  5. Thanks for the comments and help!

    I'm going to disassemble the shotgun again and look over everything, but I'm almost certain it is a piece of machining debris. I don't know how this could have stayed in there, but I could find absolutely no place where this could have come from in the gun. There are no spots of bare metal where this could have broken off from.

    I'll take it apart again and post back here what I find.

    Thanks again!

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  6. Well, I'll be.............

    I just disassembled it, slid the bolt out and noticed the bolt lock pin looked funny.

    Sure enough, that's where the broken part came from. The bolt lock pin is broken.

    Brand new shotgun. What do I do? It would be easy enough if Mossberg would just ship me a new bolt lock pin, but they probably would want me to send the whole shotgun back to them.

    I see Midway USA online has them for $4 I think I'll just order one from them rather than spend months going though Mossberg.

    Makes me a little angry. Brand new shotgun and now I'm concerned about its reliability. Any reason to be?

    Thanks again for your help!
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  7. Good find. Glad you did another detail inspection.
  8. The only place that I could find that had the pin was Midway USA.

    $4 pin and a $3 special fee?

    UGH Oh well, I'll get it fixed.

    Thanks for the comments!
  9. Why not call Mossberg? I don't have any experience with their customer service, but maybe they'll just mail you a pin. I had Kahr mail me a striker a couple years ago.

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