Israel, a US State

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  1. Heck, let's give them California

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  3. Oh boy. IBTL (in before the libertarians)
  4. It would never happen, but an interesting idea none the less.
  5. Yes, make Israel a state!

    Then build the biggest, most powerful US military base the world has ever seen, complete with a seaport, tactical nukes, tanks, fighter jets and everything.

    Let the Muslims know that there's a new sheriff in town.

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  6. As soon as CA falls into the Pacific, which I think already happened, we'd need a decoy state where our enemy can attack there instead of the mainland.

  7. What's that got to do with Israel?
    New Jersey or New York would be better qualified for that.
  8. No, U.
  9. Just what we need. Another state with 5.5 million liberal jews and 1.2 million muslims. Another set of liberal, Democrat big government congress critters.
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    Maybe a U.S. territory, but not a state.
  11. Very interesting, but it would never happen.
  12. Nothing to lose? It's not like they are a sovereign nation or anything...

    color me shocked that the evangelicals are frothing at the mouth over the thought of getting their hands on the holy land and claiming it all for themselves.
  13. Really ridiculous article. Israel would never want to be a state!!!!
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Why would the U.S. have any use for israel? They don't have anything worth taking... no oil, no metals, no timber, no nothing. They have nothing to offer. We don't need their air bases, etc. as ours float... and move around, etc.
  16. Because you have a lot of religious wack-jobs in this country that think if you get all the jews back in israel then jesus will come back riding on a cloud.
  17. They've actually recently discovered a large natural gas deposit offshore.
  18. Thank you for doing an excellent job of disproving the liberal claims that the US only gets involved for oil or to benefit capitalist greedy companies.

    Bravo Sir!
  19. Yeah because the Jews went through the Holocaust and the loss of 6 million people so they could join the US instead of getting their homeland.

    Typical arrogance, thinking everyone want's to be one of US.

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