Is your XDS back?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Alliance50, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Hohopelli

    Hohopelli Schütze

    No, I haven't seen it. Sent in 8/29-ish..

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  2. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    I bought my bi-tone 45 barely used for $450 and sold it for the same amount to a shop. They sent a bunch of their XDSs in, but still haven't received any of them back. They where more than curious about what they did to it so I pointed it out to them before handing it over.

    While it was gone I bought a G26 and found it's no harder to conceal with the added advantage of available parts and the ability to use 10,15,17 and 33 rounds mags as back ups. I didn't miss the XDS for the 2 months it was gone which proved I wasn't attached to it at all.

  3. Sounds like you made out okay. I'm new to concealed carry, and the XDs works for me. I did just get a new holster for my G23 (ordered it while XDs was away, just came yesterday) and I surprised myself how easy the G23 was to conceal. Now I have two options.
  4. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    I used to have winter,summer and pocket options for carry. I have a G19 and although I could carry it and not print in a jacket, I choose the G26 for year round IWB carry and a BG380 for the pocket when IWB can't be done. A good belt and holster makes all the difference.
  5. glowrod

    glowrod Fightin' Fire

    Mines comes back Monday. I have a lot invested in this thing. Holsters, additional mags, not figuring range time and a 1000 rounds down the tube perfecting it. I hope it comes back at least close to the same as before it was sent in.
  6. Mines also do to arrive home on Monday. Be nice to have it back.
  7. BuckyP

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    This was specifically why I bought the XDs. 98% of the time I have a G27 or bigger, but for times (like dress up) when I can't carry on the belt, I thought the XDs was a step up from a .380 or .38 special. YMMV. :dunno:

    ETA: I don't even own a belt holster for mine, just a pocket holster and a smart carry.
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  8. I took mine to the range yesterday. I fired 100 rds of 230g FMJ, 10 rds of 230g LRN, and 10 rds of 200g LSWC. The gun functioned perfectly. I do believe the trigger pull is slightly heavier but does seem smoother. I think the reset is a little longer too. I don't consider the trigger pull or reset a problem. It is my favorite gun to carry and I'm carrying it again. My XD-S 9mm gets here tomorrow and I expect the same range results.
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  9. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    I wear normal sized jeans/pants,I don't wear cargo pants, I don't buy pants specifically with bigger pockets in mind and I don't alter my pockets for pocket guns so I seem to only be able to pocket carry a .380 unless I want it to print like a gun shaped tumor in my pocket or just look down right odd when walking around.

    I'm not saying people who pocket larger guns do any of the above, but I've seen everything I typed as a reason on why they can do it. To me, the Shield/XDS size guns are in the slim IWB category for those with the body & clothing type that need it that small. I wanted something like that but after going back to a G26, I found it's just as easy to conceal as the XDS was.
  10. BuckyP

    Lifetime Member

    Fair enough. The docker like pants I bought for "business casual" just happen to have big pockets, so I got lucky. (Bought them while still living in NJ, so carry wasn't even a consideration.) I got a smart carry for formal dress up and the XDs works well in that for me. I did pickup an LCP this summer, just in case I need something super small.

    I do agree, the G26/27 is an easier gun to shoot manipulate, so if you don't need the extra thinness, than it's a better option.
  11. SA got mine on 9/10. I got an email that I should have it by Thanksgiving. Longwinded if you ask me.

    We are committed to achieving the fastest turnaround times as possible, and we will stick with that commitment until the last upgraded XD-S™ has left the Armory. Specifically, we expect to return upgraded pistols back to their owners as follows:

    All XD-S™ pistols received at Springfield Armory® on or before September 10, 2013, will be upgraded and shipped back to their owners by Thanksgiving, if not before.

    All XD-S™ pistols received between September 11-30, 2013, will be upgraded and shipped back to their owners by Christmas, if not before

    All XD-S™ pistols received between October 1-31, 2013, will be upgraded and shipped back to their owners shortly after the holidays.

    A very large number of pistols came into the Armory the first few days after the recall was announced. We are continuing to upgrade the first several batches received, and once we work through those pistols, progress will be even quicker. When your upgraded pistol is finished, you will receive a shipping notice and tracking information at the e-mail address you provided for the XD-S™ recall.

    Got my 45 back 2 weeks ago.... My 9mm is in "fixed" status.
  13. Well I just got back my XDS9. Been there since 9/10/. Looks good , trigger feels stiff. Will report when I get to the range.
  14. i still need to send mine back :( i was waiting for the initial rush to be over
  15. When I first shot my XDS it was with 200 grain SWC's, and I had the same issue as you. On top of that, I experienced part of the problem they recalled the XDS for. I sent it back to Springfield, and they told me nothing was wrong with it, and to only fire full power loads because it is a self defense pistol. They didn't fix the other problem. I took it to the range and put some 230 grain factory loads through it and didn't have any issues. I also put some HST's through it without issue.
    2 Weeks later they recalled the XDS for the other problem, so I sent it back immediately. I already have it back. I haven't fired it yet, but have confidence it will be perfect with factory loads.
    The trigger might be a little heavier than before, but it is also a lot crisper.
    And anyone complaining about the weight of the new trigger, try carrying a J frame, or any double/single action auto, like a P220, with the hammer down for the first shot.

    I also have a G26 that is back at ZEV for some serious modifications. But anyone saying the G26 carries as well as the XDS is fooling themselves. It's thicker and less comfortable. It's still a great gun, and I will have almost $2000 in mine when I get it back, but there is no way it is as comfortable to carry as the XDS.
  16. Sent mine in on 9/3 got them back two weeks ago . Sent in my 9 and 45 they forgot to fix the 45 so they want it snipped back! 9mm STINKS! 9 pound measured trigger pull. When I called they informed me that they wanted it to be 9 pounds! Will not send back the 45.
  17. I received the 9MM back and put over 200 rds of mixed jacketed hand loads along with HST and Ranger ammo through it. There were zero problems with the gun. The trigger feels nearly identical to the returned .45 which is to say slightly heavier with a longer reset. I didn't need both and sold the 9mm and picked up a new G20. I kept the XD-S .45 since it is my favorite to carry.
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  18. Got my XDs 45 back today. Now I just need to trade it off for Glock.
  19. I forgot to register my XDS with Springfield, so I didn't get a notice about the recall. I found out about the recall late October from a gun magazine. So I am in on the tail end of shipments, looks like I won't get mine back until January.
  20. glock2740

    glock2740 Gun lover.

    Same here. I haven't sent mine off yet either. I never carry it anyway, so I'm not in any hurry.

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