Is your XDS back?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by Alliance50, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. For those that have gotten their XD_S back from the recall all updated have you test fired it and started to carry it again.

    Has any one experienced any problems or is the gun better?

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  2. No. However, mines never left.

  3. Just got mine back. I sent it in Sept. 15.
  4. I haven't test fired it, but it's back and I don't have any issues carrying it.
  5. Wow! That was fast...if the folks on the XD Talk site heard about your turnaround time, they'd have yet another thing to moan-and-groan about.

    That's good news to hear that yours came back home pretty quickly.

    I'm anticipating mine will be back home by Thanksgiving, if not by Christmas this year. Just trying to be optimistic about the whole thing, because I've got a 9 and a 45 out on loan to SA at the moment...
  6. Mine is back, almost a week now. 100 rounds through it last Sunday with no issues to report. I want another 100 through it before I carry, but I'm not expecting any problems.
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  7. My XD-S .45 will be delivered tomorrow. The 9mm status was updated to fixed so I expect it to ship tomorrow and get delivered on Sat. Springfield received them on 3 Sep.
  8. I just got a E-Mail. Mine will be here Friday.

    If it gets here before dark I will probably start shooting it Friday.
  9. Bruce M

    Good to hear you are satisfied and happy with the update.
  10. BuckyP

    Lifetime Member

    Anxious awaiting mine's return. :impatient:
  11. got mine back last thursday. put several mags through it over the weekend and it shot fine. the trigger feels a bit heavier, but honestly id need to have them side by side to be sure. it could all be in my head from reading too much.

    glad its back. i bought a shield while it was gone, and i like it too.
  12. Mine was sent in August 29 and received September 3rd. It's supposed to be home tomorrow. I'm anxiously waiting. Seems they aren't exactly doing things in the order received?
  13. linkscoach

    linkscoach SFC OIFIII OEFX

    They received both of mine on September 10th but I never received a confirmation. I had to email them to get confirmation that they had received them.

    I haven't received anything saying that they are shipping yet.
  14. got mine back Monday. shot it Tuesday. trigger is heavier, I checked it, was just over seven pounds. gun shot fine. now I have a seven round 45 mag for it.
  15. Nakanokalronin

    Nakanokalronin JMB & MTK

    Shot 2,000 rounds before sending it in, got it back Monday, trigger was noticeably heavier around 7 1/2-8lbs which IMO is more than I'd want on any gun used for any purpose, striker still sticks out and only goes back in with sufficient finger force, sold it yesterday for what I bought it for, sold the 7rd mag that came back with it, the end.
  16. If I get mine back before Christmas,it will be up for sale. I've had enough.
  17. Sorry you had to let it go... I was worried about mine, but for no reason. I also hope you got it at a discount when you bought it, or you found a seriously uninformed buyer. Based on all the negativity, there will be a glut of use XDs on the market by Christmas. I may have to pick up a .45 to match my 9mm, but I won't pay retail.
  18. Got mine today (Friday) at about 4PM. 45ACP.

    I shot a couple magazines of 200 gr LSWC (reloads).
    Got a couple feeding jams with the round about half way in the chamber.
    I don't know what was going on but I couldn't pull the slide back until after I removed the (new) magazine.

    Later I shot a couple magazines of LSWC and 185gr JHP to sight in a Crimson Trace rail laser.
    No malfunctions this time.

    For some reason my (operated on) right shoulder is hurting a lot today, so the recoil of the 45ACP was kicking me pretty good.
    I tried to get a feel for the trigger. It feels pretty hard.

    Even with the trouble I'm having, the last magazine, using the laser, tore the center out of the target. :)
  19. Received the 45 about 10 days ago and the 9mm last Thursday-didn't measure the triggers before they left-seem about the same.
  20. Glockdude1

    Glockdude1 Federal Member

    What was the reason for the recall?

    I don't own a XDs.


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