Is this normal on a gen 2.5 Glock 26?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by bullseye9mm, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Just picked up a lightly used Glock 26 gen 2.5 and was wondering if the wear forward of the takedown lever in the triangular area is normal.

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  2. Genin

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    I bet that it was shot or cycled without the reciol assembly fully seated and it rubbed. I wouldn't be concerned. I do understand how annoying it can be to have scuffs on the inside though because I'm extremely anal about my firearms. The second time I shot my 26 something (it was a little silver shaving, not sure where it came from to this day)got into my dust cover and caused a few nice long scratches on the inside of the dustcover. It doesn't affect functioning, or even the external aesthetics, but dammit it annoyed me for like a week lol.

  3. Ditto. It looks like recoil spring rubbing. While very possibly caused by improperly seated recoil spring assembly, it could also be caused by a worn recoil spring. As the spring wears, it can deflect and compress a little more and rub along the underside in that area. If you don't know how old the recoil spring is replace it, it's cheap and one of the most overlooked items.
  4. Is there a way to tell if the rubbing is still happening before I go change the recoil spring? Like should I put something over the damaged area and see if there's any wear marks after a shooting session?

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  5. You could cut a small piece of masking tape in lay in the area of concern, pressing it down well against the frame. The only time that area sees any action is at the point of full recoil on the slide. If you had a wax pencil, you could mark the lower part of the spring and see if it transfers to the tape.
  6. That wear looks exactly like the wear in my 1998 G-26 2.5 Gen.

    It wore down immediately after I got the gun (new) in 1998. Hasn't caused me a problem yet. Ain't pretty, but I ain't messin' with what works.

    Just my two cents...
  7. Thanks all for the information. I'm going to keep an eye on the dust cover and see if it gets worse or not.
    Hopefully it won't because I'd hate to send it back and get a gen 3 frame replacement, because I really like the non textured finger grooves on the gen 2.5.

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  8. This subject crops up every now and then. This is just my humble opinion, but...

    This may have some bearing. I posted this on another Glock forum website.

    "If you look at your recoil spring assembly on your 27, you will notice that it is bowed (not perfectly straight). If you place the bow of the spring facing downward toward the frame, you may experience problems with the field stripping. If you place the spring in any other way that is to say bow up or sideways you'll be fine. Before I figured this out I would occasionally have a hard time with field stripping. So much so that I gouged the inside of the frame of my 26. I noticed when cleaning my guns with a friend who also owns a 26, that his frame was gouged in much the same way. He didn't notice the gouges until I mentioned them.

    When the bow is toward the frame the rear contact point of the RSA is tilted back toward the slide lock bar so when you pull down on the slide lock you inadvertently pull the RSA from the barrel. I have muscled the slide off in this situation and caused the frame gouging. The better way is to push down on the front of the exposed RSA and re seat the rear portion onto the barrel before taking the gun apart."

    I honestly don't believe it is occurring during cycling but when the gun is field stripped. I could be totally off base here, but on the other hand...
  9. The recoil spring "unseats" after you fire the pistol.

    The scallop is built in but the rub marks are from your RSA.

  10. So is that meaning the deflection from the RSA is tearing up the dust cover?

    Should I replace it?
  11. Are you running hot ammo? Was it scuffed up when you got it? Is the metal edge of the RSA damaged or bent? How many rounds on the RSA?

    When I posted this morning I looked at the newer of my 2 G26s. Let me check the one with the most wear and compare them.
  12. Bullseye,

    Based on my experience with my G26 since 1996, it will only wear so far. If you are concerned, just watch check it periodically. Your G26 is not new, so why be concerned about it now? It has undoubtedly been like that for years.

    Just my two cents...
  13. I have been shooting nothing but standard pressure ammo, in both JHP and FMJ.
    I just recently aquired the G26 about a day or two ago, and noticed it the day after I got it.. I have another G26 and G27 both gen 3's, and I havent noticed any of the type of wear on those, as I have on the 2.5 gen. I'm just wanting to cover my bases and make sure that it isn't something thats going to wreck the frame because I like not having textured finger grooves.
    I did come back from the range today and haven't noticed any further wear, and the RSA seems to be handling recoil fine, and not having any issues.( no slide slamming)
  14. cadillacguns

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    What Genin said, should still be good to go!
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  15. Just get a Taln Grip and you are good to go!
  16. I noticed the same scratch mark on the frame of my gen 4 26 purchased last thur 10/24/12 when I got it home and took it down for the first time to clean it before going to the range.(This gun had only been test fired at Glock.) I went to the range and ran a box of 50 WWB though it and it ran fine.

    I purchased a NIB gen 4 17 7/31/12 and had never noticed this scratch mark on it during the times I have taken it down for cleaning. It has about 500 rds through it. I took it down to see if it had the same scratch. It did, but not as bad as the 26.

    I don't think this is anything to worry about. Maybe some of the other members here can check there frames and see if there Glocks have this scratch.

    I have and LC9 that has a scratch on the slide in the same area under the barrel lug. Ruger said it was normal to see this and not to worry. It has not gotten any worse after about 400 rds.
  17. I meant "frame" not slide on the LC9 in previous post.

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