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Is this legit....

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by IndyGunFreak, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. IndyGunFreak


    Jan 26, 2001
    Im leaning towards hell no after clicking the link, but I'll let you all decide...

    Dear Sir,

    PayPal is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its community of
    buyers and sellers. To protect the security of your account, PayPal employs
    some of the most advanced security systems in the world and our anti-fraud
    teams regularly screen the PayPal system for unusual activity.

    Recently, our Account Review Team identified some unusual activity in your
    account. In accordance with PayPal's User Agreement and to ensure that your
    account has not been compromised, access to your account was limited. Your
    account access will remain limited until this issue has been resolved. This
    is a fraud prevention measure meant to ensure that your account is not

    In order to secure your account and quickly restore full access, we may
    require some specific information from you for the following reason:

    We would like to ensure that your account was not accessed by an
    unauthorized third party. Because protecting the security of your account
    is our primary concern, we have limited access to sensitive PayPal account
    features. We understand that this may be an inconvenience but please
    understand that this temporary limitation is for your protection.

    Case ID Number: PP-046-631-789
    We encourage you to log in and restore full access as soon as possible.
    Should access to your account remain limited for an extended period of
    time, it may result in further limitations on the use of your account or
    may result in eventual account closure.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please understand that
    this is a security measure meant to help protect you and your account. We
    apologize for any inconvenience.

    To keep your account active, click here:

    PayPal Account Review Department

    PayPal Email ID PP576
  2. David_G17

    David_G17 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    Oct 7, 2002

  3. I haven't gotten on from PayPal in awhile, but I do get a lot from various big name banks, none of which I hold accounts at. This type of "spam" or "spoof" is called phishing!
  4. cgwahl

    cgwahl Sheriffs a near

    Feb 15, 2002
    I got one from LaSalle bank a few weeks ago. Some bank in Chicago I guess.

    It was really well done. Even had links pointing to the real LaSalle bank website.
  5. Guest

    "Dear Sir"

    If it was Paypal they would address you by name. A phone call to Paypal would let you know if its legit also, just in case your not sure.

    Big red flags going off on the that letter though.

  6. Daynja


    Dec 23, 2004
    Check where the link actually goes (usually you can do this by hovering over the link before you click it) If it's some IP address or anything other than it's a scam for sure.

    But even without that info I'd put a lot of money on that being a scam.
  7. Toyman


    May 6, 2003
    West Michigan
    Pay pal NEVER EVER EVER sends e-mails like that.
  8. lomfs24


    Apr 19, 2003
    Tonyman is right, Paypal, never ever ever sends email like that. As a general rule never click any banking links out of email. My bank sends me a monthly newletter. I don't even click links out of those emails from my bank. If you need to do something with your account then go to their website directly and log in from there.

    But yes, the email you just got is phishing.
  9. lomfs24


    Apr 19, 2003
    I posted a thread about phishing a while back. The subject was actually "Paypal spoofs" or something like that. Paypal doesn't seem to care if these sites are around. I have reported one several times. I still get three emails aday from this one site. I have reported it to Paypal and all they will do is send me an email back saying that it is, in fact, a bogus site. So I decided to start having fun. These sites will allow you to log in with any email address and password. Then you have to fill in your address, name etc.... When you get all done it dumps you back to Paypal's real site.

    So I log in with some fake email address and use descriptive words about how I fee about these people when filling in addresses and names. Makes me feel better anyway.