Is This For Real?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by robhic, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. I have two Glocks and the instruction manuals are still sealed. The disclaimer will not legally help them much anyway. I rather have a popular manufacture grows a set of balls and stand up for their products. The disclaimer is pretty vague.


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    By using AGrip™, consumer assumes all liability for any and all incidents, accidents, occurrences, events, usages, misusages, and/or damages, etc., in which an AGrip was in any way shape, form, condition, and/or otherwise, connected, disconnected, or whatever, with whatever, or whomever.

    User is soley responsible for AGrip usage, misusage, application, misapplication, etc.

    Get AGrip!
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  5. Funny, every GSSF class and every Glock qualification I've been to for the last 25 years has had us starting with one in the chamber. Maybe there is a double standard for you low life citizens. ;-)
  6. Thank the stars they don't stamp that warning onto the slide or the side of the frame.

    Dear Glock..... I read it!!!! Really I did!!!!
  7. Humm, excessive warnings on products. Anyone buy a ladder or lawn mower recently? :wow:
  8. I won't buy a Ruger pistol because of the graffiti on them.
  9. My take on the warning is that it's a CYA move which would only possibly come into play in an accidental/negligent discharge situation. If the shooting was intentional the focus will be on completely different issues.
  10. And people who file frivolous law suits.

    Once upon a time I was in manufacturing. The safety sheet we had to package with our products was ridiculous. Many of the warnings came from incidents where idiots tried to sue us or our parts vendors because they misused the finished product or one of the components.
  11. Yep lawyer stuff, and good thing I am not a "civilian" but a citizen. Therefore it doesn't apply to me. I know toung and cheek. But the way the gov't use the word now in days, it kind of deaming, which it, me thinks, is the point.

    Anyhow, I carry with one in the pipe, and have for the past 20-years of carrying, and owning guns.
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    So are they changing "Glock Safe Action" to "Glock Not So Safe Action"?
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    It's called; "CYA".
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    Different states require differing manuals. New York says "Do not carry." Colorado says "Not approved by politicians." Kalifornia says "Do not use in Kalifornia." In Kentucky it says "Hold my beer and watch this." In Texas it says, "Ah, WTF."
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  15. Condition 1 is the only way to carry a defensive firearm. The end.
  16. Have that warning in red in English - opposite page in Spanish doesn't have it - so must be okay to carry hot south of the border....

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