Is the Skyfall PPK available to the public

Discussion in 'Walther Forum' started by Pier23, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. watsoncb


    When listing similar .380s, consider the CZ83. It has the same Browning blow back system and holds a double stack mag of .380s.

    Just a thought...:dunno:

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  2. I've never seen a Walther PPK/S that worked reliably.

  3. Had a Browning BDA that I loved until it got stolen...380 double stack also.. Sigh..
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  4. I've heard this many times, but I don't get it. Granted, I have never fired a PPK, but how could the .380 recoil be that heavy in an all-steel pistol? My Bersa Thunder 380's recoil is very light, much less than even a Glock 19.
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  5. The SmithWalthers are indeed a crap took me three tries before I got one that worked. the SmithWalther techs were useless...I kept swapping out weapons with my LGS until I got one that worked.
  6. The PPK series has a perceived sharp recoil due to its slim grip. No rubber buffering handgrip, it is pretty old-school. In truth, the PPK series is pretty gentle.
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    I'm a blessed man and my wife bought me the 50th Anniversary James Bond Omega watch for a Hanukkah/anniversary/birthday present for the next four years so I went in search of a Walther PPK to go with it.
    I'm picking up an Interarms Walther PPK/S in 32ACP on Monday. For me it will be just a fun gun that I will carry occasionally. The 32ACP is an 8+1 gun so capacity isn't too bad and as for the slide safety/decocker, I just load the gun. Put it on safe to decock it. Then take the safety off and carry it like that. No need for a slide safety with a double action trigger. Have you ever seen a safety on a revolver?
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    Yep, he upgraded to a 380. Might be hard to find one that is encoded to your palm print though. :rofl: Just an FYI, Bond also used a P99 in 3 movies.
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    And a P5 in two movies (one official movie).
  10. BuckyP

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    You also need to add in the blow back action, and heavy (for the caliber) recoil spring required to work with an action that has no lockup / delayed opening.
  11. Well, every guy here is drooling, but I would have held out for a Rolex DateJust or the Submariner if one is gaudy...

    Where did you find the Interarms?
  12. David_Ely

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    Found the Interarms PPK/S locally (private sale). And I'll skip the Rolex for my Omega any day! Now I'll have to buy the Galco Executive shoulder holster to go with my tux. :cool:
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  13. Ouch! bashing the PPK/S on the Walther forum?!? But seriously, my personal experience with my one PPK/S has been very good. After a shortt break in period, maybe 100-150 rounds, it has run flawlessly. It is very accurate and I don't think the recoil is that bad for a gun of it's size. Have you shout a j-frame with +P ammo? I think the slide bite has to do with how the gun is gripped. Move the tip of the thumb on the strong hand down so it touches the tip of the middle finger on the strong hand. Hard to explain, even harder to photograph, but easy to do.

    Ammo is so much better for the 380, I feel comfortable with mine.

    Just one man's opinion!
  14. Well,....are SmithWalthers true Walthers?

    A philosophical question I am not sure I can answer.
  15. Recoil and trigger pull HAVE to be better than an LCP?

    Just saw Skyfall.

    I like the colored lights on the beavertail! :whistling:

    OH, SANTA!
  16. Like many others...............


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