Is the Skyfall PPK available to the public

Discussion in 'Walther Forum' started by Pier23, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Just saw "Skyfall" and fell in love with the PPK. Taint nuthin' like the PPK/S I have...

    Is the Skyfall model available to the general public?

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  3. watsoncb


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  4. I have a PPKs, but there are much better choices now days, lighter and in 9mm in about the same size.
  5. That's not the point.
  6. I'd be shocked if Walther made a Skyfall edition PPK. Most movie guns are one off customs.
  7. PHP:

    True, that is NOT the point!

    Yeah, i have the Sig P232 which is what the PPK should be, and the Kahr .380, and the Kahr K9....but none of them are the PPK.

    Yes, it is a tacky SmithWalther, yes it has the gaudiest Walther logo stamped on the slide, yes it took me three tries to get one that fired reliably...yes, yes, yes...but it is a more or less PPK/S with "an impact like a brick through a glass window..."

    Now rereading the Bond series from gugle to zach, I am reminded that Bond's piece was a .32... Go figure. But, Major Boothroyd was the world's formost small arms expert, or M would not have had him what do I know?
  8. he use to use a 25ACP, so a .32 is a step up.
    just saw the trailer on tv where Q mentioned it was 9 mm short. so i guess he upgraded that too.
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  9. ReyFufuRulesAll

    ReyFufuRulesAll Pantless Wonder

    I upgraded mine with Pachmayr grips, and it no longer bites or snaps. Also, never had a jam outside of the first few hundred rounds while it was being broken in. Also, the fact that it is a heavier gun with a lighter round makes it easier to shoot accurately.

  10. Heavy trigger (with a capital-H), heavy weight, heavy recoil for caliber, sharp edges, low capacity, tiny sights, and a slide mounted "safety" decocker. You really have to own one to understand why they're obsolete.

    No thanks.
  11. I have shot the PP introduced in 1929 in .32 and the recoil was a lot more manageable.
  12. For ME the PPK is spot-on accurate for its intended range. I enjoy it despite its now...uh, old-school attributes.
    I have not had an issue with bite, and in a land of polymer, an island of steel is refreshing.

    Not for everyone, but it remains a beautifully-designed firearm, if Smith wouldn't trash it with its gawd-awful brand stamp.
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  13. ReyFufuRulesAll

    ReyFufuRulesAll Pantless Wonder

    1) weight can be a plus in regards to shooting accurately, and it's steel. Steel tends to weigh more than plastic.
    2) i admit, straight out of the box, the recoil is a bit higher than expected. Throw some Pachmayrs on it and it's GTG.
    3) low capacity: not for a single-stack. That makes it thinner.
    4) sharp edges: so?
    5) tiny sights: all pocket pistols have tiny sights.
    6) slide safety: i will have to agree 100% here. I hate that damn thing.

    So no, it is not a perfect gun, and yes, parts of it are indeed obsolete. However, they are no more obsolete than the 1911.
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  14. It has one of the most elegant take-down systems out there, and it remains a beautifully-designed piece, if you can overlook the SmithWalther branding on the slide.
  15. I like the styling too, but I'd suggest just buying a Bersa.
    Same basic thing, half the cost. May be more reliable too.
  16. :upeyes: What is this, a fashion show?

    James Bond should be carrying a real sidearm, either a PPQ, a P30, or a G19.
  17. Well, I admit I have not played with the PPK, just the PPK/S...and I dont find that difficult to shoot.
  18. Hmmm....had not considered the Bersa.... Have the PPK/S and the Sig 232...what is one more ?
  19. There are a handful of weapons that stand alone as works of art. In this I place the PPK, Luger, Beretta 9000S, the Beretta 70S, Sig 232...I would even toss in the AK47 simply because it is too ugly not to be admired. Mauser HSc is in their too.

    Now, if you read the books, The number of times Bond kills someone with either the Beretta .25 or the PPK is vanishingly small.

    The arch villians are always done in by other means. Dr. No was buried in guano, Mr. Big was eaten by baracuda, Hugo Drax was taken out by his own Moonraker in a nuclear explosion. The weapon that earned him his OO status was a Remington 30-30 he used to assassinate a Japanese spy.

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