Is the Long Slide worth it?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by mogunr, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. I absolutely love my G20SF and the longer KKM barrel allows me to shoot pretty much anything that I want to put through it. My question is - is the sight radius advantage of a Lonewolf Longslide worth the money to change over to?

    I thought that if it was "all that". I would sell my stock G20SF and take my KKM barrel, Brass Stacker guide rod and 22# spring. Package them up and send them to LW to let them build and test-fire a complete long slide which I would then use atop
    my G21SF. Good idea? :dunno:
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  3. If you're looking for a way to spend some $, why not? I've always loved the feel of my G35, it's the perfect length for me, it just feels "right". I've seen a few pics of long slide 20's and they look great, way better than the barrel sticking past the slide.

  4. It works for me. I like the sight radius and the ability to simply place the TOP END on any of my Glock 20s or Glock 21 Frames. ​

    On one of my OD Glock frames.​


    Mounted on another Black G20SF Frame with a green laser sight as well. Also a 20 round magazine.​

  5. The long slide works for me; it seems better suited as a long distance platform than the stock setup. Whether it's worth the money would have to be a personal decision though.

    With that said, there is still a place for the stock length slide and barrel too. I guess you need both. :) For hunting, I think the long slide is the way to go. For defensive use, the standard length is probably better.
  6. Has anyone experienced dependability issues with their long slides?

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