Is the Caracal C better than the Glock 19?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by jp3975, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. DonD

    That comment doesn't cut it. We aren't self sufficient in gas production, we either buy from without or do without and the latter isn't an option. There are US and friendly countries who produce fine weapons and even then I prefer to buy US when possible. Don

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  2. don---way to go...
    as you see from my screen name, I'm a SW'er...who was a first responder on 9/11....working with area residents, those who made it out of the towers...and police/fire personnel who had difficulties during(yea-not all could handle it) and after.....guess I'm affected too....but for me and my house, when I can I buy USA..and support countries that support us...the only middle east country I'd buy from is Israel...nice guns too
    given the current issues....that's the way i make your own decisions

  3. I have both and I shoot the Caracal a lot better.
  4. Dont need to. It was designed by a weapons designer for Glock and the same guy who made the Steyr pistols that are renowned for being excellent guns.

    They are regarded as wonderful pistols by everyone who's tried them.

    And beyond that, the German govt put them through the harshest tests that pistols are put through and its NATO approved.

    All the nay sayers are just haters imo.
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  5. Yep...I think that guy needs to sell his Glocks and buy an M&P or XD.

    As for me, I could care less where a gun comes from. I want the best available for the price point.

    Like it or not, it seems like Caracal is it.
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  6. Last time I checked UAE is an ally.
  7. Your conclusion is not really representative of the conclusions of the article though. The article has many a praise for the Caracal, but the conclusions are towards the Glock for two very fundamental reasons: the sights were inadequate in the dark and the gun doesn't have any reliability record. Here is an expert:

  8. I own both Caracal C & F. I have put a LOT of rounds through both of them. I'm a Caracal fan.

    The Glock 19 is a better gun, period.
  9. i haven't heard them stand up against arab country to another...too much oil involved maybe
  10. You must have missed this line:

    That was the last line of the article before specs.

    The issues he mentioned he admitted where minor. For starters they where in reference to the unusual quick sights which few people get. So that is a non-issue.

    Reliability has also been well proven. By the German Govt as well as posters here who have put several thousand rounds through theirs in a day.
  11. I havent heard YOU stand up against the KKK. Therefore you must be racist. :tongueout:

    Saying you havent heard them stand up against terrorism is a very weak argument.
  12. All of the plastic guns are roughly equal in terms of quality of build, reliability, and durability. You basically have HK and then below them you have everyone else.

    I buy M&P to support an American company, but Sig, GLOCK, Beretta, and HK all provide American jobs.

    I would not have a problem with buying a gun made in UAE. HK sold guns to our enemies during the early days of the war in either Afghanistan or Iraq, don't see people boycotting them.

    Gun companies exist to sell guns. If Beretta and Armalite want to have guns made in Turkey, Springfield wants to have guns build in the Philippenes(sp?), Brazil, and Croatia... Just buy the best gun you can find.

    I don't like M&P only because they are made in the USA. I buy them because all of the German/Austrian guns kicking Smith's butt made them R&D their tails off, which resulted in one hell of a pistol. Granting US companies your dollar without expecting them to earn it does no one any favor.
  13. You do have a point for sure, but so have I since the author also says he wouldn't choose it as an EDC. I am not entirely sure the sights are a minor issue, in my experience sights make a world of difference when it comes to hit fast or miss fast.

    As for the reliability I am sure it will be fine, the designer is a first class individual and the gun felt well made when I shot it.
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  14. I understand the frames are made from glue and ground camel hoofs. It must be true, I read it on line!
  15. M&P15T

    M&P15T Beard One

    The sights can be changed, so that's no issue at all.

    What IS an issue, and a major one, is that current 9MM GLOCK pistols are crap.....complete and utter crap.

    I have owned 13 GLOCK pistols, and would not buy a current 9MM GLOCK at this point.
  16. It's you. I can do that with a good 1911 or a Glock.

    What exactly is the country of origin for the Caracal? I mean is it a terrorist friendly country?

  17. Caracal's are produced in Germany and the UAE. Imported by Caracal USA (some have been imported by Waffen Werks and Davidsons) in Alabama.
  18. What little reading I just did leads me to believe that UAE is an ally in the fight against terrorism. Am I missing something?

  19. Nah Plouff.... Vaffen (W's are V's in German):supergrin: Verks is in K'ville, TN

    SAI (Stey'rs Importer) here in Trussville, AL is the newest importer... Both of my pistols came from Bud's and were of the Waffen Werks Variety...:wavey:
  20. Well ... He is a racist. At least according to his first post. Making decisions based on someone's / a group's ethnicity leaves no other explanation.

    Replace the word "Arab" with "White/Caucasian" and read his post out loud to yourself.
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